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The Pursuit of Pool Safety

Features of Yamaha FRP Pools that help prevent accidents before they happen.

“Combining Safety and Environment” is the basic stance of the world-renowned Yamaha Motor.
We don’t wait for pool suction accidents or diving accidents to occur, but rather proactively incorporate preventative safety, thus “creating safety”.

Measures Against Suction AccidentsHere, we introduce measures to prevent suction accidents with Yamaha's floor suction systems.

Dispersed suction ports, plus a double guard mechanism on drains

Our basic policy on preventing suction accidents is the same for School Pools and for Lazy Rivers.
We’ve reduced the suction power (through dispersal) and placed double guards over the drainage (suction) ports. Yamaha Pools prevent suction accidents before they happen with “built-in safety”.

1.Floor Suction System

Yamaha’s original floor suction system is designed to prevent suction accidents by placing floor intake ports at multiple locations across the floor, thus reducing suction power at each individual port.

Yamaha Pool Circulation System

Yamaha Pool Circulation System

(1) Water is collected through multiple intake ports scattered across the pool bottom
(2) Water passes through the pipes to the filter
(3) Water is filtered in the filter
(4) Water is released through multiple suction ports scattered across the pool bottom

2.Double Safety Structure

The drain is built with a double safety structure consisting of a suction-prevention fitting and front cover (drainage tray).
The front cover (drainage tray) has an L-shape that makes it difficult for people or objects to block the drain, and is secured with screws in 12 places. Furthermore, the drain cover flange is double-structured with a bar in case of emergency.

L-shaped drain cover that prevents drain blockage
L-shaped drain cover that prevents drain blockage
Drain cover and flange bar
Drain cover and flange bar

Pool Topics

Lazy River Pool Safety Mechanisms

<Lazy River Pool Safety Mechanisms>

The suction speed has been slowed down and the intake ports come attached with suction-prevention fittings for a double safety structure. Wave devices are installed in several locations, and the water intake ports are separated in two in large boxes that increase the water intake area, slowing the suction rate to less than 40 cm per second, meaning you can hardly feel the suction.

Other Pool Accident Prevention Measures Here, we present pool accident prevention measures for Yamaha FRP Pools, with 95% superior safety.

The merits of FRP are closely tied to pool safety.

FRP is a strong, flexible material with excellent shock absorption. This gives it a significant advantage over concrete or stainless steel pools when it comes to diving accidents. It can also be made into a smooth curved shape with a slip-free pattern, making it possible to build a safe, user-friendly pool.

1.Diving Accidents and FRP Pools

Testing Details

Diving Accidents and FRP Pools Testing Details(1)
Diving Accidents and FRP Pools Testing Details(2)

Yamaha measured and compared the degree of impact on different bottom plate materials of dropping a 39 kg human dummy into a water tank 0.9 meters deep.

Results of Impact Testing by Pool Material

(1) The impact force of concrete is considerably higher than other materials

(2) FRP had the lowest impact force across all categories

(3) Even when the drop height was increased, FRP had the lowest increase in impact force compared to other materials


Among concrete, stainless steel, and FRP, FRP was the least likely to result in diving accidents, meaning that building a pool with FRP is one way to prevent diving accidents.

2.Measures Against Falls and Collisions

The poolside is a place that is slippery and can lead to falls.
Yamaha FRP Pools have taken the following measures to prevent falls and collisions in the water.

2.Measures Against Falls and Collisions
(1) Starting Block
The deck area, starting blocks, and inner wall of the shallow end of the pool have been applied with slip-free pattern processing.
(2) Curved Finish
The cornerless, curved finish makes injury less likely.
(3) Ladder Steps Built into the Wall
By building ladder steps into the pool wall, we’ve removed any protrusions from within the pool.

3.Intangible Measures

At Yamaha, we not only create pools, but proactively work to provide management and instruction in the event of drowning or other emergency cases by placing supervisors and first aid as appropriate, as well as helping to create manuals for this purpose.
We seek pool comfort and safety, not only in terms of the tangible (pool design and installation) but the intangible (management and instruction) as well.

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