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The merits of FRP Pools

From school pools to private pools, we meet all your pool needs.

Yamaha FRP Pools, assembling light yet strong FRP material using Yamaha’s unique unit structure.
This unit structure, which divides the pool into units, which are then assembled on site, is a unique system from Yamaha that takes full advantage of FRP’s merits.
We also present our efforts toward ensuring clarity within the water and maintaining water quality.

FRP, the Ideal Pool MaterialFollowing is the merits of FRP, the lightweitht yet strong.

Yamaha has continued to use FRP since we started our pool business in 1974

Short for “fiberglass reinforced plastic”, FRP is a type of hardened fiber-reinforced synthetic resin made by soaking polyester resin in glass fiber and laminating it in several layers, and is widely used in bathtubs, ship hulls, industrial products, and housing. Lightweight yet strong, FRP has many other outstanding qualities, such as weather-resistance and earthquake-resistance, making it an ideal building material for pools.
Since we at Yamaha started our pool business in 1974, we’ve continued to be a pioneer in FRP pools.

1.Lightweight with High Specific Strength
1.Lightweight with High Specific Strength
FRP’s specific gravity is 25% that of steel and 60% that of aluminum, meaning it is extremely light compared to other metallic materials, and because its strength-to-weight ratio is high, it can be used for installations that limit weight, such as roof tops.
2.Will Not Rust
2.Will Not Rust
While stainless steel and aluminum are relatively rust-resistant, they are metals, and rusting may happen when used in harsh environments for metals, such as pools.
Composed of glass fiber and polyester resin, FRP is not a metal, and therefore will not rust.
3.Excellent Insulation
3.Excellent Insulation
FRP has better insulation than metal or concrete.
Yamaha FRP Pools increase insulation of heated pools using a sandwich structure of hard foam and FRP, helping lower running costs.
4.High Degree of Freedom of Form
4.High Degree of Freedom of Form
FRP can flexibly handle a wide variety of designs by combining molding methods.
It can be designed freely according to usage using freely drawn curves and optimal shape to save space.

Yamaha's Unique Unit StructureYamaha’s unique unit structure ― with 95% of processes done at the factory.

Nearly all processes are completed in a quality-controlled factory

Yamaha’s unique unit structure divides the pool into side units and bottom units, which are then assembled on site.
95% of the unit is manufactured in a quality-controlled factory. Here, we present the major merits of building a pool in units.

1.Excellent Water Sealing

For watertightness, the most important fundamental of the pool, we are especially meticulous, with each joint component of the floor unit integrated with FRP bonding then finished with colored paste. Furthermore, we use a seamless, integrated L-shaped structure for the FRP Pools of the side unit and the corner of the floor unit.
With unit structure, there is no need to worry about leaks.

Floor unit joint cross-section

Floor unit joint cross-section

Side unit joint cross-section

Side unit joint cross-section

2.Excellent Earthquake Resistance

The balance of hardness made by the side unit and reinforcements protects the pool from external pressure such as shaking, water pressure, and earth pressure, producing stable durability and earthquake resistance.
The only earthquake damage to Yamaha FRP Pools reported so far has been from indirect causes, such as ground loss. Yamaha FRP Pools are highly renowned for their earthquake resistance in Japan, a country beset with earthquakes.
We also use flexible flanges for the metal fittings of the drain and circulation ports. This structure prevents pipe breakage and water leakage even if the pool itself is shaken.

Structure with excellent rigidity balance

Structure with excellent rigidity balance

flexible flanges

flexible flanges

3.Beautiful Facade

At Yamaha FRP Pools, we apply a gel coat to the surface of the unit to keep it beautiful. The gel coat applied to the surface demonstrates durability against the harsh pool environment of things like UV rays, acid rain, and chlorine, keeping the pools facade beautiful forever.
Also, the structure of hard foam sandwiched between FRP reduced changes in water temperature, improving thermal insulation.

FRP Pools unit cross sectional

4.Allows Short-Term Construction

The School 25 Type pool can be built in just 70 days, from the foundational work to completion.
Since 95% of the unit is manufactured in a quality-controlled factory, construction of the pool itself for the School 25 Type takes just 14 days.
Fittings for pipes are attached to the unit in advance, making the transition to plumbing construction smooth and preventing loss of time.

5.Allows for Reuse

Unit structure allows for reuse of the pools. Pool units can be disassembled and moved to a new location. Please contact us about reusing pools, an economically and ecologically friendly choice.

Preserving Clean Water QualityFor water that is always clean. Here, we present our Yamaha FRP Pools efforts toward water quality.

We believe “clean water” is fundamental to pool management.

The biggest factor for water contamination is dirt or other organic matter brought into the pool on the user’s body.
To ensure water quality, we at Yamaha strive to manage water quality so that pools can use clean water at any time using two measures based in our basic pool management thinking: “Do not let contamination factors into the pool” and “Circulate water throughout the pool evenly”.

1.Do Not Let Contamination Factors into the Pool
1.Do Not Let Contamination Factors into the Pool
Solving the problem of how to clean pool users before they enter the pool is Yamaha’s shower unit.
This washes dirt and organic matter off the user’s body with its full-body cleaning power.
The automatic detection sensor can also help to save water.
2.Circulate Pool Water Evenly
2.Circulate Pool Water Evenly
Yamaha’s unique floor suction system distributes water intake ports across the pool floor, not only decreasing the suction pressure of each port but also circulating water evenly throughout the entire pool, leading to uniform chlorine concentration and uniform water quality throughout the pool.

The Pursuit of Pool SafetyOne of the features of Yamaha FRP Pools is to help prevent accidents before they happen.

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