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Our History as a Pool Manufacturer

Here, we present the history of Yamaha as a pool manufacturer that has created the pool market in Japan.

Our History as a Pool ManufacturerStarting off as a motorcycle manufacturer, Yamaha has worked in research and development for FRP (fiberglass-reinforced plastic) as a new material since the late 1950s, right after our establishment.
Our first breakthrough was a motorboat made with FRP. The first commercially available FRP motorboat CAT-21, which enjoyed a total victory at the Tokyo-Osaka Pacific 1000 km Motorboat Marathon in 1961, remaining in the top position for three days under conditions so severe that only five boats were able to complete the race.
This was the start of Yamaha’s leadership in the boat industry.FRP, a kind of fiber-reinforced polymer, was not only used in a wide range of applications, from small aircrafts and hulls to bathtubs, but its excellent weather and shock resistance made it the ideal material for pools.
Yamaha launched its first FRP Pool in 1974, kick-starting its history as a pool manufacturer. Ever since, we’ve continued to lead trends in the industry with our pioneering efforts. Many aspects of the history of pool facilities in Japan overlap with Yamaha’s history as a pool manufacturer.

Phase I: 1974 - 1984 Spread of Children's Pools & School Pools
Phase II: 1985 - 1999 Spread of Water Parks & Pool Accoutrements
Phase III: 2000 - 2009 Foray into specialized fields such as health & medicine
Phase IV: 2010 - Present Development of new technology to meet further diversification of pool usage

Phase I|Spread of Children's Pools & School Pools1974-1984

Yamaha's history as a pool manufacturer started in 1974. The first all-FRP in the nation was commercialized successfully with the launch of the Family Pool. Then, in 1976, we launched a household pool called the Swimming Pool. We understood the pool not as a building but as an industrial product, got a clear image of the market and of users in order to manufacture and sell the most appropriate pool products for them. Yamaha has demonstrated its presence as one of the pioneering pool manufacturers in the nation.
In the first decade of Yamaha’s pool manufacturing, we worked to improve educational facilities, such as school pools, and household pools for children. In 1978, we sold our first 25-meter long School Pool, called School 25.

Phase II|Spread of Water Parks & Pool Accoutrements1985-1999

In the 15 years starting from 1985, the number of water park facilities and pool accoutrements increased, and people began seeking out pools as leisure facilities. Yamaha also met these societal needs as a pool manufacturer. We launched our Lazy River and Straight Slide in 1985. In the following year of 1986, we launched our Family Pool Shower Set as well as our Athletic Slide.
Not merely following the trends of the era, we showed our mission as a pool manufacturer with an event held in 1999. It was this year, the 25th anniversary of our pool business, that Yamaha hosted its first Yamaha Sports Culture Forum themed on “Promoting Health and Primary Prevention Through Pools”.

Phase III|Foray into specialized fields such as health & medicine2000-2009

At the start of the 21st century, underwater walking and aquatic exercise came into the limelight. Pool manufacturers were asked to provide specialized pools for a variety of purposes in the fields of education, health, medicine, and sports.
Yamaha delivered its competitive/synchronized swimming pool to the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences, which opened in 2001, and a 25-meter pool to the National Training Center, which opened in 2007. Meanwhile, Yamaha did not forget its origins as a pool maker, and reached the milestone of delivering 5,000 School Pools in 2007.
We showed our presence as a pioneer in pool manufacturing in leisure facilities as well, including massive projects such as Dekapathos in Rokko Island, which opened in 2005.

Phase IV|Development of new technology to meet further diversification of pool usage2010 Present

All pool manufacturers continue to research and develop new technologies in pursuit of safety, economy, and functionality. Yamaha also launched its non-slip floor technology Aqua Walk in 2010. Then, in 2011, we introduced into the market Granscina, a beautiful stone-patterned FRP Flat Pool, which used the results of research such as non-sloping flat-bottom pools and the ideal depth for underwater walking and aquatic exercise (1.1 meters), introducing the evolved concepts of “a safer pool” and “the ideal pool for underwater exercise”. We predict the existence of future pool users, incorporate their opinions, and pass our technology on to the next generation. At the same time, we will not forget the pursuit of safety, our eternal theme. Yamaha, staying ever aware of what will continue to change and what is unchanging, will continue to make history as a pool manufacturer.

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