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International Cooperation

Security and rescue

Our product lineup supports patrol and rescue programs. Yamaha Motor has products for a wide variety of applications.

Security and rescue

Protection on water

In addition to great maneuverability and speed, coastguard boats must have the seaworthiness to navigate treacherous waters. As we develop and manufacture both hulls and engines, we can provide the optimum package for such requirements. We developed the Yamaha High Speed Boat 1202 specifically for coastguards. With three 300HP outboards, the vessel remains stable at over 50 knots.
For maritime accidents and rescues, we offer jet-propelled personal watercraft. This vessel has been designed with high maneuverability, shallow-water navigation, and ease of rescue in mind.

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Protection in the city

Our police bikes range from lightweight to large models, with each bike featuring fitted-for-purpose warning lights, sirens, engine guards, and saddle bags, etc. The authorities use our bikes for everything from city patrols to escort activities. Our Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) training program improves riding skill, while our service network supports vehicle maintenance.

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Protection on rough terrain

When the authorities are performing their duties in woods, forests, or rough terrain, they need suitable equipment for many purposes and environments. Our rich lineup of all-terrain vehicles provides superior off-road performance and reliability.

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Supplying essential utilities

If power supply is cut in times of disaster, we have a lineup of generators that are effective as emergency power sources and outdoor mobile-phone chargers. We have a variety of models to suit numerous usage scenarios and provide a stable supply of electricity.

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