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Power Tuner Smartphone App

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What is the Power Tuner app?

 Adjusting your machine’s settings to best suit course conditions and personal preferences is one of the many appeals of motorcycle racing. But with motocross or enduro races, making adjustments in the paddock—where exposure to wind and rain is usually unavoidable—may impose physical limitations on the work to be done. That’s why you first want to get the engine settings you want put in before you go out for practice runs and the race to follow. That’s when the Power Tuner app for Yamaha 4-stroke YZ and YZ-FX models is a real advantage for riders.
 Once you’ve downloaded the Power Tuner app, you can make custom engine maps with your smartphone, save the data and transmit it to your bike via WiFi. The engine will then deliver output in accordance with the settings you’ve created. There are 16 editable values for the maps governing fuel injection volume and ignition timing (15 adjustment steps for injection volume and 14 steps for ignition timing), each based on engine rpm and throttle opening. This means there is virtually endless potential for fine-tuning the engine. The Power Tuner app allows for quick and simple pre-ride engine setting adjustments to suit course conditions or personal preference.
 A big benefit of the Power Tuner app is that in addition to the pre-installed maps recommended by Yamaha, the rider can create and save their own personalized maps. The YZ and YZ-FX models both allow for up to two maps to be uploaded, with both maps editable on your smartphone with the Power Tuner app. You can also use the handlebar-mounted switch to change fueling maps on the fly. In this way, the Power Tuner app adds to the fun of racing by enabling the rider to switch engine maps as needed to fit course conditions or the rider’s condition at the time.



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