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Features XTZ125E - International Cooperation

Features of XTZ125E


1Durable 125cc 4-stroke engine

The XTZ125E mounts a hard-working, torquey air-cooled, SOHC, single-cylinder 125cc powerplant. It provides good drivability with plenty of usable power all the way up through the rpm range and was developed for optimum intake and exhaust efficiency with minimal horsepower loss. This means you can expect reduced fatigue when riding, especially in the mid- to low-speed range. The carburetor settings have also been optimized to provide sharp, accurate response. To accommodate a wide range of use environments, both an electric starter and a kick-starter come as standard equipment.

2For a more comfortable ride

The built-in single-axis balancer consists of a balancer shaft positioned diagonally above the crankshaft that is rotated in the opposite direction from the crankshaft in order to cancel out the engine’s inertial forces. This effectively reduces vibration felt at the handlebars, seat, footrests and tandem footrests.

3Smooth shifting 5-speed transmission

Designed with the latest technology like an optimized clutch dog shape, the transmission's gear ratios are selected with a priority on drivability, good pick-up and agility in around-town riding. Combined with the fuel-efficient engine, the XTZ achieves good mileage characteristics in the practical-use speed range.

4Tough front and rear suspensions

The rear Monocross suspension features a single cushioning unit with the front end of the shock absorber attached to the frame and the rear end to the rear arm in a way that re-directs the up-down motion of the rear wheel in a slightly diagonal direction to absorb shocks effectively. This rugged suspension layout enables plenty of wheel travel and contributes to great road surface grip and on/off-road performance.

5Rubber for both worlds

The large-diameter 21-inch front tire contributes to stable handling while the 18-inch rear applies drive force effectively to the surface. Whether riding off the beaten track or on the pavement, you'll get solid performance and excellent wear resistance from these dual-purpose tires.

6 A quiet yet pleasant exhaust sound

The high-mount exhaust pipe provides plenty of ground clearance and is less susceptible to the effects of exhaust heat. The muffler (silencer) has two expansion chambers and is designed with vents in the chamber partition and pipe length to achieve excellent exhaust efficiency while also producing a gratifying exhaust note.

7Seat for rough roads or longer rides

The XTZ125E boasts a spacious seat with a wide range of freedom in sitting position to reduce fatigue when riding longer distances. The seat's cushion material, shape, cover and other elements are chosen and designed for the best overall combination to ensure a comfortable ride.

8Sturdy, easy-to-load Carrier

A full accessory lineup of specially developed rear racks is available. Made from strong, durable steel pipe, the flat top makes them practical and easy to strap all kinds of goods down on.

The lineup above shows main products for the use of GOs and NGOs projects, however models offered differ by country or area. Direct inquiries to your country's distributor.
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