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Features AG125 - International Cooperation

Features of AG125


1Heavy Duty

The rougher the road, the more the AG125 shows its true merits. It comes equipped ready to deal with everything from asphalt to bumpy unpaved or flooded roads. The tail area of the robust frame uses large-diameter piping that allows it to carry heavy loads (rear rack is the same size as the AG100's) and boosts its overall durability. This is a heavy-duty motorcycle from front to rear, with a high-mount muffler to deal with standing water on roads, an engine guard to protect the chassis from kicked up rocks and the like, and dual-purpose tyres for heading out on or off the road.

2Easy to Operate

Ease of use is one of the biggest plusses of the AG125. It starts up with the touch of a button, making it easy to get going even for beginners (also comes with a kick-starter). Engine and throttle response is buttery smooth thanks to its constant-vacuum carburetor, and the bottom-neutral transmission and dual kickstands come in handy when stopped. It has a longer seat with plenty of space to find the ideal riding position, and the seat shape has been ergonomically designed to fit a variety of physiques and help the legs easily reach the ground when stopped. The drum brakes are resistant to dust and water damage and provide good feel under braking. Beginners and experienced riders will quickly become accustomed to the AG125's user-friendly design.

3Modern Technology Meets Low Maintenance

In addition to an environmentally friendly 4-stroke engine, the AG125 uses a 12-volt DC 35-watt headlight that provides a consistent spread of light for illuminating the road ahead at night. Also, the handlebar lever guards, fully enclosed chain and other protective covers help prevent damage to the machine when out on rough roads and also keep part repair costs down. These features contribute to savings and its low overall running cost.

4Comfortable riding position and confidence-inspiring leg reach to the ground

  • The long seat has plenty of room to find a comfortable riding position.
  • The ergonomically shaped front portion makes for easier leg reach to the ground when stopped.

5Rugged front face design

  • Handlebar guards left and right
  • Steel front carrier rack with a luggage clip to hold down small items
  • 35/35W (12V DC) halogen bulb headlight

6Strong front suspension for greater on/off-road performance

  • Protective front fork gaiters
  • Plastic resin front fender and mud flap
  • Plenty of front wheel travel with 180 mm
  • Easy-to-use drum brake

7Economical and reliable engine

  • Fuel-efficient 4-stroke 125cc air-cooled engine
  • Electric starter for quick starts
  • Built-in engine balancer
  • Bottom-neutral 5-speed transmission
  • Intake and exhaust system layout with consideration for flooded roads and puddles

8Ample carrying capacity

  • The large, sturdy steel rear carrier rack has the same dimensions and pre-drilled holes as the AG100 for mounting the same type of top luggage case

9Designed to handle rough roads

  • Fully enclosed drive chain (tyre changes possible while equipped)
  • Dual-purpose tyres suitable for both paved and dirt roads
  • Mono-cross suspension
  • 225 mm minimum ground clearance
  • Dual kickstands help deal with various parking situations


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