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Features AG100/200

Features of AG100 and AG200


1Heavy-duty rear carrier

Tough and durable tubular steel carriers help the AG Series do its job.

2Rear suspensions

Made for rugged, heavy use and adjustable to five positions to match load and terrain.

3Clutch lock

Can keep the clutch disengaged for quick and easy short stops.

4Brake & clutch lever guards

Prevent striking the hands when riding through bush or trees. Heavy tubular construction withstands hard impacts.

5Sealed brake system

Big drum brakes bring solid stopping power when carrying heavy loads, and both brakes are completely sealed to protect against water and dirt.

6Standing stability

Dual side stands keep the bike standing when parked in soft ground or on slopes. Extra broad bases prevent sinking in mud, sand, etc.

7Fully-enclosed chain cover

The cover protects the chain from dirt and water while the tubular steel guard protects the chain cover from obstructive and extremely rough ground.

8Rugged skid plate

A large, strong skid plate protects the frame.


The lineup above shows main products for the use of GOs and NGOs projects, however models offered differ by country or area. Direct inquiries to your country's distributor.
The specifications and coloring the products shown on this website may be changed or the production may be discontinued without notice.

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