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Riding Log

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Riding Log

Check your ride history with your Yamaha

The route traveled by motorcycle is recorded on the map, and the routes can be checked and organized.

1 All check Select all or deselect all items
2 Delete (multiple) Delete selected items
3 Route comparison Changes to the route comparison screen
4 Tag summary Changes to the tag summary screen
5 Filter Filter by tag
6 Year Shows riding logs by year
7 Month Shows riding logs by month
8 Riding log Transition to Riding log screen
9 Tag settings Tag setting dialog is displayed
10 Delete Delete item

Riding logs are displayed by month and by the date of the ride.

A riding log is created only traveling for 1 km or more.

Comments and Tags

You can write comments and set tags in the riding log.

Data Summary

You can select a riding log to view a summary of the data recorded.
If tags have been set, the data for each tag will also be displayed.


Riding logs can be filtered by any tag.

Route Comparison

Individual riding logs can be compared.
You can easily compare the same routes by using the tag filter function.

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