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Riding Log

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Riding Log

You can check your traveling history.

The route traveled by motorcycle is recorded on the map,
and the route can be checked and organized.

1 Log list Riding log display as list.
※You can switch the display mode
2 Search Search Riding Log by keyword, start date, completion date, and rating.
3 Log Info Edit Title、Rating、Comment Checking Riding detail.
4 Photo library Add photos from the album.
5 Shere Share for SNS.
6 Edit Info You can change for Title, Rated, Comment Hashtag.

Log List

Riding logs can be managed in a list format


You can easily search the riding logs.

Search results can be sorted by date, mileage, and fuel consumption.

A riding log is created only traveling for 1 km or more.

Log Info

Switching between travel information and detailed information Detailed information will be displayed at the end of a ride.


You can upload and add photos taken from your smartphone while touring to your riding log.

You can share riding logs such as mileage and thumbnails.


You can add a title, evaluation, comment, or hashtag to easily search your past touring rides.

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