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Meter Indicator (EV)

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Additional Display Indicators

The instrument panel displays incoming calls and other notifications from your smartphone

1 Incoming call
2 Email / text message
3 Automatic time adjustment
4 App connected

In-App Settings

Tap "Settings" in the hamburger menu on the home screen.

Tap "Meter Notification Settings" to change your settings for notifications.

■Incoming Call Notification

When flashing

Receiving an incoming call

When lit

Received a missed call
The icon can be turned off by turning off the vehicle’s main switch.
Turn on or off via the app

■Email/Text Message

When receiving a call, the icon will light up after blinking for 10 seconds.
The icon can be turned off by turning off the vehicle’s main switch.
*Notifications will not be displayed when the app and the machine are not connected.
Select which app to use for notifications



To receive notifications on the meter, allowing notifications from the desired app is required.

Y-Connect obtains iOS banner information and sends a signal to the machine’s display. To do so, please check the notification settings of the apps you wish to sync.


To receive notifications on the meter, setting up notifications in Y-Connect and allowing access is required.

*To display incoming calls

If "Reject" is tapped once, the next time the Settings screen is opened, the "Do not show again" checkbox dialog will be displayed.

If “Do not show again” is selected, displaying this dialog again will be difficult as this menu is customized by each mobile carrier company.

Notification Settings for Various Apps

*For Gmail

■Automatic Time Adjustment

Y-Connect automatically adjusts the machine’s clock when connected.

■App Connection Display

You can check and confirm your machine is linked to Y-Connect.

On the machine

The "App" icon and "Phone Batt Status" icon will be displayed when paired to Y-Connect.
*The display on some models may not show the “Phone Batt Status” icon.

On the app

You can see machine–app connection status at the top of the screen.

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