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Maintenance Recommend

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Maintenance Recommend

Notification is provided when it is time to change the engine oil
based on mileage and elapsed days.

Two types of recommendation modes are available.

The recommendation timing can be set to Auto or User Setting.

Auto Recommendation Mode

Engine oil recommendations are displayed in three colors.

Basic concept

Be sure to tap the reset button in the maintenance recommendation when you change the oil.

User Setting Mode

Mileage and elapsed days when an oil change is recommended
can be set as you like.
Severe Condition is not available in the User Setting Mode.

Settings method

1. Change to User Setting Mode.
2. Set the mileage interval.
3. Set the elapsed period interval.

・ Settings can be changed at any time.
・ Y-Connect will recalculate based on the last
  reset date.


The indicator will turn red when the set value of either the distance or time is reached.

Reset history

・ You can delete any reset history of your choice.
・ Once deleted, the reset history cannot be restored.
・ When the most recent reset history is deleted, the status will be recalculated.
  (Status color may change suddenly.)
・ If you delete the entire reset history, the motorcycle will be set to a new status, and
  recommendation timings will be calculated according to the default settings.


Y-Connect saves user settings according to each chassis number.
If multiple smartphones are paired with the motorcycle,
settings are reflected on all paired smartphones.

It may take some time for the settings to be reflected on your smartphone
as calculations are carried out on the Y-Connect server.

Find Dealer button

・ The URL/app will differ depending on the
  country in which you hold a YAMAHA-ID.
・ This function may not be available in some

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