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Salary-man サラリーマンSalary-man
  • Salary-man サラリーマン
  • Salary-man サラリーマン
  • Salary-man サラリーマン
  • Salary-man サラリーマン

What people see: What’s a “salaryman?” “A safe and easy line of work” is how it’s described in one of the lines of a famous song that cemented the “salaryman” concept in the minds of the Japanese decades ago. During the 1970s when the idea of Japan as one big middle-class society became the common belief, comedy films with the ubiquitous salaryman as the main character became popular. Ever since, the everyday joys and sorrows of the salaryman have been the stuff of countless mangas and TV dramas, and had a tremendous influence in shaping the lifestyle and values of Japanese people. Read more

In short: “Salaryman” is the common expression used to describe company employees who work under predetermined salaries and employment conditions, and it is used primarily to refer to office workers. It’s a Japanized English term to describe people normally referred to as “office workers” or “white‐collar workers” in English-speaking countries, but it has recently come into use in Europe and North America to mean “a Japanese white‐collar worker.” It’s also used sometimes to mean “the middle-class” or “the average demographic.” Read more

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