What is the WTGP?

What is the World Technician Grand Prix?

The World Technician Grand Prix is an international contest in which Yamaha technicians use the skills they have accumulated to compete against other technicians.
The technician training programs based on Yamaha's global standards and provided by the Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) have been expanded throughout the world, and the qualifying rounds of the World Technician Grand Prix are held on a global scale as testimony to the success of YTA training. The elite technicians who manage to get through the qualifying rounds then compete against each other in the World Technician Grand Prix.

The intention of Yamaha is not only to use WTGP to promote high levels of motivation and improve skills in motorcycle technicians, but also to improve customer satisfaction by continuing to train proficient technician capable of maintaining Yamaha motorcycles, and to ensure that as many people as possible understand the importance of aftercare services in order to contribute to the revitalization of the entire motorcycle industry and to raise the status of motorcycle technicians.

Yamaha Service Philosophy

“One to One Service”
We create good relationships with each customer.

The objective of the Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) is to "ensure that Yamaha sales outlets throughout the world provide uniform levels of high-quality service" based on a principle that is common for Yamaha services throughout the world, and it has been providing training programs for technicians based on Yamaha's global standards since the year 2001.

In addition to "Excellent maintenance skills," Yamaha technicians also learn how to provide "Easy-to-understand explanations"and "Service that impresses our customers," and approximately 34,000 technicians from around the world have acquired the Certified YTA Technician qualifications.

Excellent Maintenance Skills

Easy-to-understand Explanations

Service that impresses our customers

WTGP Emblem

The tools, piston and connecting rod depicted on the WTGP emblem represent the high-level skills of Yamaha technicians,and the laurel wreath expresses the determination and pride inherent with achieving honor.

WTGP Uniform

The bright red uniforms adorned with the WTGP emblem represent pride and the passionate way in which victory is sought, and only WTGP contestants are permitted to wear them.

Competitions The WTGP2018 involves two competitions to determine
the world's best motorcycle technicians.


Technical Skills

Can the contestants discover and repair the preset faults within the allotted time?

Judgment Points

(1) Safe and accurate work

Efficiency and dexterity

(2) Speedy and accurate fault diagnosis

Yamaha Diagnostic Tool(YDT) attached to the bike for diagnosis

(3) Consideration for customers and motorcycles


Customer Relations

Will customers understand and be satisfied?

Judgment Points

(1) Easily-understood explanations

(2) Appropriate service advice

(3) Comprehensive knowledge of maintenance and components

(4) Etiquette and manners



Darren Stout


Jefferson Caetano de Arantes


Brett TR Hart


Hou Jun Wei


Jonathan Alexander Sierra Palacio


Ville Sundberg


Adrien Cousin


Saurabh Kushwaha


Sekh Tazim


Ardhi Sulistyo Haryo Prakoso


Tomoshige Iguchi


Lim Chee Cian


Dante Cabrera Sánchez


Alan Simmonds


Allan Rey Castillo Silverio


Ivan Pozdeev


Wu Chang Wei


Khanong Luecha


Jeremy Leigh Talley


Dang Quang Vinh


Dinh Khac Quy

Number of countries and regions participating
in the qualifying rounds
World’s best technician selected from