Made in Mauritania

Engaged in “business for societal value” since the 1960s

Nouadhibou is a port city in northern Mauritania. A new shipyard was built there in 2014 with technical assistance from Yamaha Motor. Over the half-century since we began motorboat development in 1960, Yamaha Motor has developed proprietary technologies for building fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) hulls. In 1974, we began supplying technologies to emerging market countries as a Japanese contribution to their social infrastructure development, and today a total of roughly 78,000 boats have been built using the FRP manufacturing technology we have provided to boat builders in 14 countries in the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa.Photo Photo

DATAIslamic Republic of Mauritania
Land area: 1,031,700 square kilometers
(roughly 2.7 times the size of Japan)
Population: Approximately three million

Special site Moving You Vol. 7
“Made in Mauritania: An Instructor-trainee Relationship without Borders”
Moving You Vol.7 “Made in Mauritania: An Instructor-trainee Relationship without Borders”