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December 2023

Chantey Special

Kazuki Ide
Central America & Caribbean Group, Area Marketing Division Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit (YMC)
Yamaha’s Bahamas Distributor Recovers from Hurricane Dorian

The Abaco Islands lie in the northern Bahamas, located about 193 miles northeast of Miami, Florida. The Abaco’s island chain is a boating, fishing, and sailing paradise, but it’s not just the sea that attracts travelers from around the world. Those who prefer to explore by land will find charming colonial towns, championship golf courses, and countless hotels, restaurants, and bars. Many wealthy people, especially in the USA, come to Abaco during their holidays to spend time in their luxury second homes.

The Abaco Islands

Abaco is a beautiful and lovely island, however in 2019, Category-5 Hurricane Dorian ravaged our beautiful Abaco Islands for more than 30 hours with tidal surges and powerful winds that reached a maximum wind speed gusts of 360 km/hour. Most of the northern parts of Great Abaco Island and its surrounding cays were destroyed, and Bay Breeze Marina & Storage, a Yamaha distributor in Abaco, was no exception. On that day, they had 45 boats stored, all were destroyed and declared a total loss, and some were never found. Their warehouse and boatyard were completely destroyed, and anything that was left and salvageable was looted after the hurricane.

Most parts of the island were destroyed, and many business owners went out of business. But President Mr. Stephen Albury, who has an unyielding fighting spirit, never gave up.
During the next few months, he began to put back the pieces and had Generators and basic supplies brought to the island. He then purchased a used RV motorhome from Florida, shipped it over, and established a basement to spend time in Abaco. All was going well and the island was beginning to rebound, however the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the islands were shut down in late March 2020. This was especially bad for Abaco as Bay Breeze still needed so much help from all sectors and it came to a screeching halt. He ran a generator by the temporary sales facility for more than 18 months as power would take a while to be restored as so much of the transmission lines were damaged.

His family was committed to the island, so he took it all in stride and just worked the best he could until June 2023 when the new Service Facility was completed and opened for business. The new building is outstanding, boat storage is large, it can store about 75 boats, and it can store over 45ft class boats up to 24,000 Lbs. The new showroom will open next year in the downtown to increase Bay Breeze Marina & Storage presence in Abaco. In addition to that, a very strong dealership newly joined to the network of Bay Breeze Marina & Storage, facility and network is stronger than ever before. Still supply of products is a problem, especially in golf cars, but once this is solved, the competition will have a very hard time. It has been a long 4 years since Dorian, but finally the future is bright.

New building
About 75 boats can be stored
OMDO and YDLA participated in the completion ceremony

The Abaco Islands are recovering fast and it is fortunate to have many large upscale communities with vacation homes owned by foreign residents who love to visit the Abaco’s and some have been coming for more than 40 Years. Investments in the area are very strong, evidenced by those multi-million-dollar vacation homes and luxury yachts of 40 feet or longer lining the piers in the remote islands after most of the boats were destroyed.

Now, the mission of Bay Breeze Marina & Storage is not only to take care of local customers, but also to take care of customers who bring their boats from the USA. To satisfy the demands of such high-end clients who want to fully enjoy their limited time during their stay, Bay Breeze Marina & Storage offers express repair services. Thanks to this expert service, outboards needing repair in the morning can be serviced quickly enough for the client to enjoy an afternoon outing on the same day. They have master technicians onsite who can service high-end outboard models and the integrated boat control system. Bay Breeze Marina & Storage supports Yamaha users by providing the best possible vacation experiences in the Abaco.

Montage Cay which is the newest upscaled development, will bring many new wealthy customers in 2025 and beyond.

Marketing Division, Marketing Section, Marine Business Operations
WaveRunner SuperJet - Stand Up to the Challenge

Do you know about the 4-stroke SuperJet?

Over 30 years have passed since 1990, when the SuperJet 650 was launched as Yamaha's first personal watercraft in the stand-up category. Later, the 2-stroke 700cc engine was introduced and used until the 2020 SuperJet. During this time, the hull shape was also redesigned for a better weight balance and turning performance, boosting the popularity of the SuperJet. It has become the symbol of PWC.

In 2021, Yamaha introduced a new wave of SuperJet, equipped with a high torque 4-stroke 3-cylinder TR-1 engine. The SuperJet was reimagined for a new generation of stand-up riders, inheriting the exhilarating acceleration, maneuverability, and riding experience of the previous 2-stroke model.
The 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, 1,049 cc TR-1 engine in the EX Series is remarkably compact and lightweight, offering great acceleration, a higher top speed, better fuel economy, and reliability.
The hull shape delivers both static and dynamic stability while maintaining a thrilling turning performance. The new SuperJet is also equipped with an L-mode (Learner mode), which controls the engine speed to reduce top speed and acceleration by limiting RPM, allowing riders to enjoy optimal performance regardless of their skill level. From professionals to stand-up PWC beginners, a wide range of riders will fully enjoy this model.

Key Feature Map

3-cylinder, 4-stroke
1049cc TR-1 Engine
Gauge / L-mode
A gauge is used on the Yamaha stand-up model for the first time.
It indicates fuel and L-mode setting.
3-position adjustable pole
Pole length can be adjusted to fit the rider's body shape and riding style.
Large foot tray
A wider foot tray than the previous model gives the rider more room to choose the preferred riding stance.
The reboarding holder in the center allows riders to get in and out of the water easily.
Adjustable nozzle angle
The nozzle angle can be adjusted to ±16° or ±19°. Riders can choose their preferred steering response.
Engine 3-cylinder,4-stroke 1049cc TR-1
Dimension L: 2.43m / H: 0.79m / W: 0.76m
Dry Weight 170kg
Fuel Capacity 19L
Storage Capacity -
Rider Capacity 1

For more product information, please visit

For inquiries about the 2024 SuperJet, please contact YMC's market representatives in your area.

Kanako Murai, Middle East & Asia Group, Marketing Division
Let the customers experience the fun while learning more about the SuperJet!

The customers are enjoying the outdoors now that the fears for Corona have subsided. It is time for the customers to enjoy the SuperJet!

Yamaha held in-house workshops to improve riding skills.

On May 19 and September 8, skill improvement workshops were held, with lectures given by the SuperJet developers. About 15, mainly young Yamaha Marine Sales members attended. At first, some members had difficulty standing and operating the SuperJet. However, in the end, they all succeeded in riding in a standing position and experienced the exciting sensation of becoming one with the SuperJet as they cut through the waves. Members who participated on both days were able to better their maneuvering skills. As they improved, they received key advice on knee positioning, shifting body weight, and throttle control to sharpen their cornering skills. The members who had difficulty getting on board at first were eventually able to stand and maneuver the SuperJet! In addition to their riding skills, the participants also learned how to place buoys in preparation for the test ride event.

Did you know setting up the test ride course will differ depending on the experience of the riders?
For beginners, an M-shaped course with five buoys is recommended. First, place buoys at the bottom two locations of the M, about 100 meters apart, then place two buoys at the top two locations of the M, about 50 meters apart from each other. Finally, one buoy is placed in the middle to complete the M course. For experienced riders, the course should have a narrower cornering angle.
Let's showcase the SuperJet's brilliance to as many customers as possible through the test ride event! The Yamaha staff will be happy to assist in organizing test rides and look forward to your future event plans.

Yusuke Yamauchi, Middle East & Asia Group, Marketing Division
Japan SuperJet Event

In October 2023, a Japanese dealer organized a two-day SuperJet event. Young staff members from Yamaha participated by managing the event.
Some may remember the "S-1 Worldwide" time trial events held around the world in the early 2000s using WaveRunners, including SuperJets. After the S-1 Worldwide ended, time trial events were still held regularly in Japan. However, after the spread of Corona, it has been difficult to organize events. Therefore, this was the first time an S-1 event was held in four years.
In addition to the time trial, a riding school for beginners was also organized at this event to help familiarize the SuperJet to beginners.
The riding school began with a lesson in the classroom, followed by a lecture on basic riding, and lastly, finishing with a lap around the buoys.
Members who participated on both days were able to improve their maneuvering skills. As they got better, they received key advice on knee positioning, shifting body weight, and throttle control to sharpen their cornering skills.

New owners who participated
Lecture on land on how to ride the SuperJet
Explanation of the course on the whiteboard
The instructor gave tips and demonstrated how to ride the SuperJet on water.
This time, two figure-8 courses were set up for beginners.
At first, many novice riders' steering of the SuperJet was not ideal.
Excellent riding skills were apparent at the end of the riding school.

Many participants in the course were young, and they expressed concern about whether they would actually be able to ride the SuperJet. However, the 4-stroke SuperJet, with its lateral stability, was not too difficult for beginners. In the end, all participants reached a level where they could go around the course without any problems. Participants expressed their enjoyment with the sit-down WaveRunners however, the stand-up SuperJet was a bit more challenging, requiring the entire body to steer, but ultimately, the speed and handling proved to be an incredible experience. During this event, the SuperJet owners were happy to make new friends to ride with.

The customers who had a 2-stroke SuperJet attended the next day's time trial event. Many of them were excited to be able to participate in a time trial again after a long time. Although the 4-stroke model is slightly larger than the 2-stroke, the 4-stroke stability is excellent, and the participants voiced their delight at the fact that it has evolved while retaining the enjoyment of a stand-up model.

Owners participated from all over Japan
Time trial course (common to all classes)
Time trials were managed with flags.
Time was recorded using stopwatches.
The owner, who had been riding a 2-stroke SuperJet for many years, also entered the race with a 4-stroke model.
SuperJet slalom scene
SuperJet race winners
Prizes included trophies and promotional items

This was the first time in about four years that we held this event, and we were able to promote the SuperJet to our customers and listen to their feedback.
Compared to other WaveRunners, the SuperJet needs more assistance after the customer purchases it. Assistance means fully explaining how to ride the SuperJet, promoting the fun side, and providing opportunities to ride it. It is important to keep customers motivated by improving their skills.
Event planning was difficult all over the world due to the COVID-related restrictions. If there are no restrictions in your country, let's organize fun events for customers.

Marketing Division, Marketing Section, Marine Business Operations
Announcing the 2024 WaveRunners

In August, Yamaha announced the 2024 WaveRunner lineup, which consists of 20 models.

New 1.9L High Output Engine

The lineup includes a model with a 1.9L High Output Engine, the largest displacement in the industry to date, attracting much attention.
This new 1,898cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 16-valve High Output Engine replaced the 1.8L High Output Engine used in the models until 2023.
The newly designed intake system, cylinder head, muffler, and water cooling system have greatly improved, resulting in higher power output, stronger torque, and a quicker and smoother acceleration. Additionally, the cylinder diameter has been increased (from 86mm diameter to 88mm diameter) without changing the basic size to achieve the largest displacement in the industry.
For the first time, Yamaha adopted the use of plant-derived cellulose nanofiber (CNF) reinforced resin for the engine cover. The CNF is 25% lighter than conventional resin materials and is highly recyclable, which helps reduce plastic use and greenhouse gas emissions, mainly carbon dioxide.

For the 2024 models, the new High Output Engine is equipped on the FX Cruiser HO, FX HO, GP HO, VX Limited HO, and VX Cruiser HO.

7” Connext Touchscreen

All FX Series models feature a 7-inch color touchscreen and the CONNEXT Information System, which includes audio controls, phone and text notifications, GPS navigation, and Drive Control for customizing the ride.

Drive Control

In addition to the existing Comfort and Performance modes, Tow and Economy modes have been added to Drive Control, allowing speed and trim settings for each driving mode. When each mode is set, an icon for the mode appears on the touch screen.

Normal mode
Comfort mode
Performance mode
Tow mode
Ecology mode
Custom mode
Mode Engine Trim
Target speed : 48km/h
Configurable target speed range : 40-64km/h

*Acceleration: Fixed in “Medium”
*The Steering Switch enables the target speed to be changed
Economy Auto Trim
Trim setting
Slow Speed : Down2
Medium Speed : Neutral

*The trim setting is changed depending on the speed, can not be changed by the user.
Target speed : 24km/h
Configurable target speed range : 16-40km/h

*Acceleration: Fixed in “Medium”
*The Steering Switch enables the target speed to be changed
Tow Auto Trim
Trim setting : Down2

*The trim setting can not be changed by the user.
*Fixed “Down2” trim position reduces the spray to a person.
Configurable acceleration mode : Slow, Medium, Fast Performance Auto Trim
Activate “Cornering Control” and “Launch Control”
Configurable acceleration mode : Slow, Medium, Fast Performance Auto Trim
Activate “Launch Control” and “Spray Control”
Configurable target speed range : 16-96km/h
Configurable acceleration mode : Slow, Medium, Fast
Configurable Trim Mode : Manual, Performance, Comfort

For detailed product information on the 2024 WaveRunners, please visit

The availability of models varies by country and region. Please contact YMC's sales representatives in each area.

One-point Service

Service Division, Marine Business Operations, YMC
Electric Corrosion due to Miswiring

The topic of this issue is electric corrosion caused by miswiring. Since last year, we have explained about corrosion, and in this final publication, we will focus on how rigging errors cause electric corrosion and other related problems. The following two examples occurred in the market, so please be familiar with similar problems.

1. Using 24V accessories with batteries on a twin boat engine

With this wiring, there is a potential difference of 12V between the two outboard motors (OMs).
If the boat is placed into seawater, an excessive current will flow between the OMs through the seawater.
In other words, avoid this kind of electrical wiring to prevent electric corrosion from rapidly occurring.

2. Two engines share one battery

With this electrical wiring plan, the two OMs share a single negative terminal on a battery, resulting in no potential difference, unlike the first example.
In this setup, lowering the boat into seawater will not cause any problems, but let's take a look at the electrical flow when the No.2 OM is started.
The flow of electricity at startup usually goes from the battery's positive terminal to the No.2 OM starter motor's positive terminal and then to the No.2 OM starter motor's negative terminal, continuing to the No.2 OM and proceeding to the battery's negative terminal, and there seems to be no particular problem.
However, because the No.2 OM and the No.1 OM are electrically connected in seawater, a flow is also formed from the battery's positive terminal to the No.2 OM starter motor's positive terminal and then to the No.2 OM starter motor's negative terminal, which continues to the No.2 OM advancing to the No.1 OM and also the battery's negative terminal.

Is it electric corrosion? If you think so, inspect

The two examples above demonstrate incorrect wiring and should never be done.
1. Resolve the confusion between 12V and 24V wiring.
2. Use one battery for one outboard motor.
These are the basic rule of thumb.

Electric corrosion occurs in the market due to a variety of factors.
Is the problem with the outboard motor itself? Or is the boat accessory miswired? How about the environment where the boat is used? Let's start by narrowing it down. Remove all wires from the battery except the OM battery cable and check to see if the OM by itself is causing electric corrosion.
If electric corrosion persists after removing all wires, the problem may be due to the OM or the environment. Inspect the outboard motor and check how other boats in the same environment are used.
Problems relating to electric corrosion can be difficult to solve. Gaining a wide range of knowledge and experience is necessary, but at the same time, learning from experienced people is just as important. The previous four installments on this topic are just the fundamentals, so please read them carefully to understand experienced people.

News Round-up

AJM Kooheji Group
Mr. Sudhish Sudhakaran, Head of Sales of AJM Kooheji Group
3S campaign in Bahrain

Bahrain is a country of more than 30 islands surrounded by water, hence the activities related to the water are very plentiful, be it for pleasure or commercial. We are more than a hundred-year-old company in the Kingdom of Bahrain and have more than 60 years of relationship with Yamaha as the oldest distributor.

Since 2015, we have been conducting integrated marketing activities, “Go Beyond Caravan” and “3S campaign,” about 10-12 times every year. Our entire 3S team has been serving our OBM customers at different locations in the Kingdom of Bahrain, covering commercial and pleasure market.

As part of the marketing strategy to increase the market share for OBM and reach the new customer base, we have conducted a 3S campaign at Hidd Fishing Port on 23rd Sept 2023. Yamaha holds 80% of market share and it is one of the very prominent ports for bigger size OBM, such as 200A, F250 & F300. We are aware of the community-based activity because it is important to provide service to our customers at the place of their businesses in this competitive world.

During the campaign, we provide some specials for customers, such as 20% off spare parts, discounted oils and YAMALUBEs, free spark plugs with the purchase of oil, special offer on OBM model 200AETX, and free YAMALUBE T-shirts, keychains, and arm sleeves.
This campaign has been a success, and we believe such an initiative contributes to creating more customer confidence in Yamaha outboard motors as well as expanding the business.
We are committed to maintaining our dominance in Bahrain by continuing customer-orientated activities with the integrated force of 3S.

Oman International Marine Equipment and Motors Co., LLC.
Mr. Shamasher Sharma (General Manager)
Service Activities in Oman - Customer & Market Approach with Regional Coverage

Oman is a vast & coastal country and recently, the Omani government has been boasting fishing industries. Oman International Marine Equipment and Motors Co., LLC. (OHI Marine), Yamaha distributor in Oman is approaching our customers & market with different tactics.

First of all, we defined some key principles for our service activities & market approaches listed below:
1. Customer-Centric Focus:
  Understand our customers’ needs, preferences, and problems. Develop services that address these aspects, providing value to our customers.
2. Segmentation:
  Segment our customer base to tailor our services better. Different customer groups may have unique requirements, and our strategy should reflect that.
3. Personalization:
  Offer personalized experiences where possible. Use customer data to customize services, recommendations, and interactions.
4. Quality and Consistency:
  Ensure that our services consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. Consistency builds trust and loyalty.
5. Feedback and Improvement:
  Continuously gather feedback from customers and use it to refine and improve services. Customer feedback is invaluable for fine-tuning our strategy.
6. Multi-Channel Engagement:
  Engage with customers through various channels, including in-person, online, social media, and more, depending on the target customers.
7. Technology Integration:
  Leverage technology to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive. Examples include chatbots, mobile apps, and data analytics.
8. Employee Training:
  Train the staff to provide exceptional service, as they are often the face of our organization. Skilled & expert technicians can lead to happy customers.
9. Competitive Analysis:
  Monitor the competitors and adapt our strategy as needed. Keep an eye on emerging trends and technological advancements that could impact the market.
10. Long-Term Relationships:
  Aim to build long-term relationships with customers. Repeat business and customer loyalty are often more valuable than one-time service or approach.

Overall, the approaches and strategies of our service activities to customers are about creating a customer-centric culture within the organization and consistently delivering high-quality services that cater to our target customers’ needs and preferences.

Marketing Strategy and Activity Plan

Yamaha Marine business has a vast dealer network, and sales promotions are regularly conducted. Along with the existing team, we have dedicated personnel working to achieve the desired results.

As Oman has a vast coastal area, we need to reach out to fishermen who are based at vital locations and where we do not have our 3S facility.
Thus, currently we have two trucks to reach out and service the customers. It is important to provide service & build “Brand Confidence.”
Additionally, to respond to customers’ requests living far from our workshops, we will be introducing “ Service on Wheels” -Service Vans to maximize the coverage of service.
By using the “Service on Wheels,” which has a crane on it, we can repair engines immediately at their port or bring them back to our workshops easily.

To meet the growing market, we are planning to expand the service operations, such as a new service workshop. We are committed to maintaining our dominance in Oman by continuing customer-oriented activities with our service principles and strategy.

Midori Takahashi, Central & South America Group, Marketing Division
New Showroom in Peru

In September 2023, our partner dealer, "GRUPO OLIVOS" opened a new showroom in Lima, the capital of Peru, on the South American continent. I visited from YMC with YMDP members to attend this wonderful opening ceremony. The 5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seisou, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) signs were displayed in the workshop, and the proper equipment was in place. We look forward to the continued growth and success of GRUPO OLIVOS in the years to come.

Hooked!Fishing Report

Masakazu Furuta
Europe, America, Oceania, and Russia Group, Marketing Division, Marine Business Operations
Introducing Canadian Salmon Fishing

This time Hooked! Fishing Report will present salmon fishing, which is popular in Canada. In June, I experienced the unique use of outboard motors when salmon fishing while visiting Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Many customers use their outboard motors for salmon fishing.

Single or twin large outboard motors with a smaller outboard motor setup are used on salmon fishing boats. The small outboard motor is called the "kicker," and the large outboard motor is called the "main motor." Each outboard motor has a different purpose. First, use the main motor to get to the fishing spot. It takes about 40 minutes from the pier.

During the transit, the kicker is tilted up to prevent failure due to external factors turning the propeller. Upon arrival at the fishing spot, the main motor is switched off while the kicker is turned on. The trolling speed is adjusted to 3-5 km/h to match the swimming speed of the salmon. At this time, the main motor should be tilted down to make it work like a rudder to assist in turning.

When a salmon is hooked, the fight is on. Stabilize the rod tip at a high angle. Keep a constant reeling speed and maintain proper line tension when reeling in and out. The British Columbia regulations require trolling lures to be barbless hooks, which increase the chance for the fish to get away, creating a more thrilling fishing experience. This was my first experience of salmon fishing. The photo shows how big the fish is and the excitement I enjoyed during the fight.

Even with only the kicker running while trolling, a lot of power is required for the downriggers, deck wash, air conditioning, and GPS fish finder. For this reason, many of our customers have asked us to increase the power generated by the kicker. In other words, the amount of power output is important, along with the horsepower and quietness of the outboard motors. In addition, the SBW (steer-by-wire) feature is increasingly installed on the large outboard motors used for the main motor, and it is also important to connect the kicker to it.

Finally, YMCA, which distributes Yamaha products in Canada, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and has produced a special video in the Canadian market to commemorate this occasion. There is also a video of salmon fishing in Vancouver, so please click on the link below to watch it.

Beautiful Oceans Forever

Sustainability Division, YMC
2023 Sea Turtle Hatchlings Observation Event and Sustainable Beach Project

YMC is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, where endangered loggerhead sea turtles come ashore to nest on the sandy beaches. Since 1991, YMC has organized sea turtle hatchlings observation events to protect the loggerhead sea turtles. In this conservation effort, employees with their families and friends volunteer to clean and restore the beaches*.

*Beach restoration is the process of revitalizing beaches where vegetation has been lost due to typhoons, storm surges, and other disasters by bringing ecological hemp bags filled with sand and seeds of kobomugi (Japanese sedge) into the damaged area.

On September 2 this year, the event was held at a beach in Hamamatsu. Despite the severe heat on the event day, 436 people participated. Participants were asked to take sufficient measures to prevent heat stroke, and the event was successfully completed without accidents or injuries.
At the Sea Turtle Hatchlings Observation Event, participants learned about hatchlings through a collaboration with an NPO. Then, the participants, mainly small children, were able to directly touch and release about 100 hatchlings into the sea. Many participants from this event voiced how much this experience moved them.
In the Sustainable Beach Project, participants enthusiastically cleaned up and collected a large amount of debris, bottles, cans, and other trash. 40 people participated in the beach restoration activities.
The event will be continuously held every year to conserve the coast where loggerhead sea turtles come ashore to lay eggs.

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