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June 2024

Chantey Special

Business Marketing Group, Marketing Division, Marine Business Operations, YMC
New Outboard Motor F350B Launch

Since the discontinuation of the F350A in 2019, there has been a strong demand from many markets for the return of the 350-hp outboard motor. It has undergone an evolution and has been reborn into the F350B, joining the Yamaha outboard motor family.

The F350B is an outboard motor that uses a newly developed V6 engine with a displacement of 4,256 cm³. The newly developed engine is 20% lighter than its predecessor F350A, boasting more power but in a lighter package, enabling it to meet various boating usage in the market. In addition to basic performance, usability improvements and the redesigned shape of the cowling have resulted in a refined outboard motor with a high degree of perfection. After sales begin in the North American market, the product will be gradually rolled out to other countries.

*Please contact a YMC sales representative for the release dates.

Performance Improvement

The F350B 4.3L V6 boasts larger intake and exhaust valves than the F300F (6KA) and uses the same electronic throttle valve as the 5.6L V8 F450A (6KN) to maximize air movement. Better airflow equals more power as the F350B’s precisely mapped fuel and ignition timing match operator throttle demand for responsive performance while a new, robust crankshaft offers a longer stroke, enabling more torque at lower speeds. Improved camshaft profile and a valve lifter made from the same durable material used for XTO 450 lifters create precise valve clearance to achieve boosted combustion.

The Yamaha F350B also incorporates the use of iridium spark plugs - appreciated for their hardiness and concentrated, efficient spark, combined with the premier of Yamaha’s new fuel injection control technology, which produces a longer injector duration than that of the F300F (6KA) for more power. Furthermore, the new clutch dog design, machined with more teeth, increases torque transfer from the powerhead to the propeller.

Usability Improvement

Intuitive controls and maneuvering precision transcend boating convention with the F350B’s Digital Electric Steering (DES). Used in concert with Helm Master™ EX boat control system, it provides clean rigging and extra bilge real estate that offers smooth, responsive steering and easy maintenance.

Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) keeps exhaust bubbles away from the propeller below 2500 RPM and when in reverse. This means the prop bites only clean water, which results in outstanding reverse thrust and control—especially when backing down on fish and when maneuvering around docks.

For boater convenience, the F350B incorporates the same TotalTilt technology used throughout the Helm Master™ EX capable DEC outboards. A double tap of the UP or DOWN button will move the outboard through its tilt and trim range, automatically stopping at the pre-set tilt limit in the UP position or upon trim ram contact in the DOWN position.

Learn more about the New F350 at:

This video is made by YMUS. Content may include features only for the US market.

New Features

Built-in Digital Electric Steering (DES)
TotalTilt function with integrated tilt limit
Engine mounting system
Durable lower unit
Intermediate drive shaft and shift rod
Saltwater series Ⅱ HP and HP4
Elegant, sleek, lightweight design
Exhaust fan and outlet
24-valve, DOHC, 60-deg. V6 4.3L
Thrust enhancing reverse exhaust routing
Side exhaust outlet cover
Rigging Accessories
Helm Master EX compatibility
Propeller light (optional)

One-point Service

Service Division, Marine Business Operations, YMC
BPS Scan

This time, we will focus on the BPS scan.

The BPS scan is a feature of YDIS. It reads the information of connected devices and registers it on YMAN.The BPS scan verifies the compatibility of the linked devices to check if they are integrated correctly and if all functions are available. This is essential to ensure all connected devices are operating correctly. It provides the following information:

Message Details
Warning Basic functions do not work
Recommendation Updating software enables the use of the latest functions
Notification Replacing the hardware enables the use of the latest functions
Conceptual diagram of BPS scan
Things to prepare for the BPS scan:

1. Laptop
2. YDIS hardware kit III
3. YDIS software (latest version)
With the devices above in place, the BPS scan can be performed.

The BPS scanning procedure is as follows.
Connect the adapter to (1) the Multi Hub or (2) the 6X9 Remote Control using the Can-Line Harness.

1. Starting YDIS
2. Special function
3. BPS scan
4. Registration

Please use the following options depending on the situation.
Registration: Register all devices as new devices.
Replacement: Register additional devices or replace some of the already registered devices.
Report: Send unsent data to YMAN.
History: Search and view registered data.
5. Start scanning
Finally, the following are examples of using the BPS scan.

If there is a warning or recommendation for the compatibility of connected devices, the following will be displayed.

Case1: Warning Case2: Recommendation
Combination information:
・This system does not work.
Combination information:
・This component software is not the latest.
Solution: Replace with a compatible BCU Solution: Update BCU software using YDIS

After taking action, run the BPS scan again to ensure no issues are left. This means that all the functions can be used without any failures.

The BPS scan determines the compatibility of equipment combinations and guarantees functionality. It must be performed after a device is replaced or before delivery of an outboard boat.

News Round-up

Masaya Ochiai, Western and Central Africa Group, Africa Market Development Division, Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit, YMC
Benin F40J Monitoring Project

CFAO MOTORS BENIN (CMB), a local distributor, had an F40J monitoring project with OMDO to evaluate the advantages of a 4-stroke engine.

Republic of Benin

The Republic of Benin is located in West Africa, with Togo to the west, Burkina Faso to the northwest, Niger to the northeast, Nigeria to the east, and the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean to the south.The main industries are agriculture, largely cotton, and providing port services at Cotonou port on the Gulf of Guinea. Benin is known as the birthplace of Voodoo, which is a religion also practiced in Haiti and parts of the United States.

Economic Capital of Cotonou

Cotonou is a major port city and the center of the economy in Benin. The drivers of motorcycle taxis, called "zémidjan," wear yellow vests and are visible throughout the city. They are used by many for transportation, especially by those who commute to work from the countryside for transportation.

Floating City of Ganvie

Ganvie is known as the "Venice of Africa," the largest floating settlement in Africa. It exists on Lake Nokoué and was founded around the 16th century by people fleeing slavers. Today, around 45,000 people live here. Not only houses but also schools, hospitals, police stations, churches, and banks are all located on the water, and recently, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Benin.

F40J Monitoring Project

In the Republic of Benin, approximately 90% of outboard motors used are 2-stroke. More than half of these motors are Yamaha products, and they are used daily in the fishing industry and for transport purposes. At first glance, business seems to be going well locally, but in reality, there are almost no sales from CMB because of the influx of inexpensive new and used products from neighboring countries. CMB was looking for opportunities to enter the existing markets and expand its outboard motor business. For OMDO, it is necessary to identify issues for future 4-stroke uses in light of global environmental concerns, although 2-strokes currently dominate the African market. Based on the above, the two companies have agreed to conduct a one-year monitoring project of the F40J to assess the advantages, the issues it may face, and its market expectations.

A project team was formed to prepare two F40Js and an E40G for use by three selected product testers. CMB staff maintain close contact with them to record the amount of fuel and hours after each use. They also performed and reported on regular maintenance. The test progress was shared at monthly meetings, checking for issues so the team could revise and proceed accordingly with the project.

The first issue raised was the weight of the outboard motor. The F40J is approximately 25 kg heavier than the one normally used by the product testers. Removing the outboard motor after each use is done regularly to prevent theft. The weight made the daily tasks difficult, such as removing the outboard motor from a rocking boat and carrying it. In addition, traditional wooden boats are used in the area, and one of the product testers was operating a "side-mount" type boat, in which the outboard motor is mounted on the side of the boat. The outboard motor's increased weight caused the boat to tilt and, in some cases, resulted in the outboard motor being submerged. To avoid an unbalanced boat and create an equal comparison between all boats, boats with side mounts were changed to rear mounts in which the outboard motors are installed on the rear. The possibility of differences in fuel consumption may arise depending on how the outboard motors are used. Therefore, we asked the product testers to switch between the 2-stroke (E40G) and the 4-stroke (F40J) every two months to obtain data.

A young man carrying an outboard motor to a storage area
Side-mount boat

The project continued for one year while encountering issues and solving them. After completing the project, we obtained data on 4-stroke engines' good fuel economy, as we had initially expected. However, an even more impressive result was that the product testers were pleased by the huge difference in fuel efficiency and performance they experienced. The CMB's proactive involvement and dedication to the project were major factors in its success. They also gained various benefits, such as improving mechanics' experience and technical skills while building customer relationships. CMB plans to move toward sales by utilizing data and comments obtained by the product testers.

CMB staff performing maintenance on a rear-mounted outboard motor
Fishing boats anchored in Cotonou port
Group photo with product testers impressed by the performance

Service Division, Marine Business Operations, YMC
Regional Service Meeting and Train the Trainer Program of Yamaha Technical Academy

From February 20 to 28, 2024, 12 distributor service staff from 8 countries in the Middle East and Indonesia were invited to the Regional Service Meeting and Train the Trainer Program of Yamaha Technical Academy. Trainers from YMUS also joined this program.

This year, we conducted three courses in the YTA expert technician program: electrical systems, YDIS, and engine control. These courses are designed to prepare participants to work as trainers after they return to their home countries. Normally, these courses are conducted over a period of several weeks, but this time, we tried an e-learning assignment, which is currently under development, before the participants enter the program. The e-learning assignment allows participants to complete the basics before starting the program. The hands-on course focuses on the key points the participants need to understand as trainers to conduct the training once they return to their countries.

e-learning image

The course was completed in seven days, acknowledging the effectiveness of e-learning. The lectures given by the YMUS trainers were also well received and provided a good stimulus for many participants. There were comments from participants after completing the course: “The course met my expectations,” “I am impressed by the ingenious equipment,” and “I would like to implement the course in my country.”

We are very pleased that this in-person event represents a “back to normal” from the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 for an extended period. We will continue to actively train the trainers and support holding these courses locally. By doing so, we aim to have more of our service staff take these courses and use their knowledge and skills to provide high-quality services to our clients.

Yuta Okumura, Asia Group, Marketing Division, Marine Business Operations, YMC
Southeast Asia Marine Distributors Meeting

The Marine Business Division's Marketing Department invited 10 distributors from 9 Southeast Asian countries to Hamamatsu for a three-day Distributors Meeting from March 25 to 27. We have decided to hold this meeting to express our utmost respect and gratitude to distributors who have tirelessly contributed to the expansion of sales and branding of Yamaha products. They increased their presence in each market during the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Distributors meeting
F350 test ride
Factory tour

On the evening of the second day, a welcome party was held for the distributors, where Chief General Manager Ibata and Senior General Manager Iida attended. The distributors enjoyed the food and conversation, and at the end of the party, Chief General Manager Ibata presented them with a plaque as a token of Yamaha's appreciation. The event served as a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and strengthen the bonds between the distributors and Yamaha, hoping for further business growth.

This was the first time an event had happened since the COVID-19 outbreak. We recognized the importance of holding such events when we saw the distributors' enjoyment during the face-to-face encounters. Once again, we would like to thank all the distributors for coming to Japan. Let's grow together with Yamaha!

Meet the Yamaha Family

Marine Business and Facilities in Kuwait

Kuwait is located in the northern part of Eastern Arabia, at the tip of the Arabian Gulf, bordering Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. The population of Kuwait in 2023 is 4.82 million. We at KDTC have been the market leader, driving the marine business in Kuwait for 60 years since the company's establishment in 1947. We are dedicated to selling Yamaha products, including motorcycles and ATVs, alongside marine products throughout the year.

Exterior view of the exclusive marine showroom
Marine showroom on the first floor

Many showrooms, spare parts centers, and workshops are located in a large area near the headquarters. In addition to these facilities, KDTC has also established a service network consisting of six service centers along the coastline that are fully equipped with Yamaha service tools and spare parts. We aim to provide service beyond customers' expectations.

Six service centers located along the coastline
Exclusive motorcycle showroom
Showroom in the basement displaying marine leisure equipment

Sales of outboard motors and WaveRunners for pleasure dominate the Kuwaiti market, and approximately 75% of outboard motor sales go to pleasure use. The most popular outboard motors in the market are the 4-stroke models with 200-350 HP. It generates a lot of interest from customers. Although the commercial market is smaller than the pleasure market, the 2-stroke 200A is very popular, and some fishing grounds are full of this model. In the future, the demand for pleasure models is expected to grow drastically as Kuwait's youth population increases. We will continue to maintain trust with our customers and promote marketing strategies utilizing the PDCA cycle.

Hooked!Fishing Report

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.
Yamaha Professional Anglers and Brand Make Significant Impression During 2024 Bassmaster Classic

The Bassmaster Classic is known as the “Superbowl of Bass Fishing.” That means it’s arguably one of the biggest bass fishing tournaments in the world. Typically held in the early spring, the three-day competition features a field of just over 50 anglers, all competing for the opportunity to win the $300,000 grand prize and the chance to make their mark within the sport of competitive bass fishing. The anglers fishing the Classic must qualify through various tournament trails during the year prior.

Each day, the anglers cull their top five fish, hoping for the largest weight on the scales during the daily weigh-in ceremonies. The entire field of anglers fishes during the first two days of competition, and the top 25 anglers compete on the final day.

The Bassmaster Classic moves to a different fishery and city each year drawing thousands of fans to the take offs, weigh-ins, and Outdoor Exp showcasing sponsors, vendors and supporters of B.A.S.S., the organization responsible for the Bassmaster Classic as well as the qualifying tournament trails including the Elite Series, the B.A.S.S. Open series and the B.A.S.S. Nation series.

Yamaha, one of two presenting outboard sponsors for the Bassmaster Classic, has a major annual presence at the Bassmaster Classic, including a large booth at the Outdoor Expo, a stage presence during the daily weigh-ins, and sponsored demo rides in Yamaha/Skeeter boats at take off each morning. In addition, Yamaha supports a team of professional anglers competing in the Classic as well as representing the brand in the booth and during promotional and media opportunities during the course of the tournament.

Yamaha Pro Angler Justin Hamner caught a total of 58 pounds, 3 ounces to capture a wire-to-wire victory. He became only the 10th angler in the 54-year history of the event to lead all three days. In addition to the $300,000 grand prize, Hamner also earned the $20,000 Yamaha Power Pay award for being the highest-placing eligible entrant.

Yamaha Pros took five of the Top 10 spots in the 2024 Bassmaster Classic: Lee Livesay finished 5th with 49 pounds, 11 ounces; Kyle Patrick finished 7th with 49 pounds, 4 ounces; Shane LeHew finished 9th with 48 pounds, 15 ounces; and Taku Ito finished 10th with 48 pounds, 5 ounces.

The 2025 Bassmaster Classic will take place March 21-23 on Lake Ray Roberts near Fort Worth, Texas.

For more information, please visit:


Exploring Boat Shows Around the World

United States
Shoya Nakayama, Business Marketing Group, Marketing Division, Marine Business Operations, YMC
Miami International Boat Show Unveiling the Hydrogen Outboard Motor

The Miami International Boat Show was held from February 14th to the 18th, 2024. This year, more electric products were displayed, answering the recent increased interest in carbon neutrality.

The Yamaha booth featured new products such as the highly anticipated F350B outboard motor, the 2024 WaveRunners, and Sport Boats. The display showcased updates to the marine version of CASE-related technology, including the new Siren Connected Boat App and new features of the Helm Master™ EX. One of the new initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 is the hydrogen-powered outboard motor prototype. It was unveiled and attracted a great deal of attention from the attendees and press throughout the show.

Hydrogen Outboard Motor
Prototype fuel system

Please see the video below for more information on the hydrogen-powered outboard motor prototype.

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