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June 2022

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Boat Show Report Miami

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.
Miami International Boat Show

Enthusiastic crowds returned to the Miami International Boat Show’s original location after a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Yamaha had one of the largest displays at the convention center, including 12 Jet boats and 16 WaveRunners.
Miami Show attendees had the opportunity to see HARMO, Yamaha’s electric boat control system, on display in the Miami Convention Center. In addition, attendees and members of the media learned more about Yamaha’s recent acquisition of Siren Marine and future plans for the development of connected boat technology.

The Yamaha team hosted a special event for more than 35 members of the media on the opening night of the Miami Show.
During the event, Yamaha executives discussed the creation of the new Yamaha Marine Connected Division and expansion plans for the all-new Marine Innovation Center in Kennesaw, Ga. and the Yamaha test facility in Bridgeport, Ala.
Show attendees also made their way to Biscayne Bay for demo rides on 23 Yamaha powered outboard boats and three Yamaha Watercraft.
During the annual industry breakfast, Yamaha’s U.S. Marine Business Unit again accepted the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) CSI Award for excellence in customer satisfaction in five categories including Outboard Engine, WaveRunner personal watercraft, and Jet Boat as well as Yamaha’s boat companies Skeeter and G3 Boats.
Yamaha has received this award for its Outboard Engine category every year since the award’s inception in 2001, an achievement no other outboard manufacturer can claim.

Boat Show Report Yokohama

Marketing Division, Marketing Section, Marine Business Operations

One of Japan's largest boat shows, the Japan International Boat Show 2022, held its 61st anniversary in a four-day event in Yokohama, from March 31st to April 3rd.

There were three venues, PACIFICO Yokohama, Yokohama Bayside Marina, and online. Like the year before, it continued as a hybrid show. It has been three years since holding the last boat show in 2019 at PACIFICO Yokohama. This time, around 200 companies participated, while attendants exceeded 30,000 people at the two physical sites, including the Bayside Marina. Yamaha exhibited and promoted the corporate message at two booths, the main and the PWC booth.

Cutting-edge marine technologies such as Helm Master EX and HARMO were the highlights. The exhibition area created an easy to imagine space for marine leisure activities. We also organized stage events. The floating area in the Bayside Marina mainly displayed large boats. At the online venue, the number of users during the physical boat show was much higher than last year. Out of all the virtual boat show booths, Yamaha received the highest number of access online. The online boat show will be held until August 31st.

Japan International Boat Show 2022

Meet the Yamaha Family

The Rise of Motoryama, Brazil

Porto Alegre is the capital of the Rio Grande do Sul state. It is a port city located in the southernmost part of Brazil. A population of over 1.4 million resides there. Many famous soccer players are from Porto Alegre. It is also home to the gauchos, traditional cattlemen who mainly worked with livestock on ranches. Gauchos are well-known for their food culture, such as churrasco (barbecue) and mate (tea).

Motoryama is a Yamaha dealer with a long history based in Porto Alegre. The founder Mr. Joel Schröder opened a store in 1961 as an Italian scooter retailer (he passed away in January of this year). In 1971, they started selling Yamaha products, focusing locally. Both Yamaha motorcycles and marine products became available from then on.

In 1992, Motoryama received the first SuperJet 650.  Mr. Rogério Schröder who is Joel’s son and the current owner of Motoryama was using it. Mr. Rogério established a marine specialty store called Nautiway Motoryama in 2011. He has been putting more effort and time into the marine business.

Comments from Mr. Rogério

We have been developing the Yamaha brand business with the utmost love and dedication since 1971.
We are performing very well in the motorcycle market and maintaining a much higher market share than the Brazil's national average.
With our after-sales service certification through the Kaizen Diamond Dealers, many are in awe of all our business segments.
In addition to selling products, parts, and YAMALUBE, we handle the largest number of consorcio in this region.
Now we are in a crucial phase. The president of Brazil has reduced the import tax on PWC. This is a great opportunity to grow the Yamaha business further. We love WaveRunner, and we are dedicated to our work. We want to promote and expose more people to touring, owners' meetings, and races.

Jacuí river flows through Porto Alegre and has several islands. Mr. Rogério lives with his 16-year-old son Diego on one of these islands. He owns multiple WaveRunners, including racing models. For them, Yamaha WaveRunner is not only a business but serves as an essential part of their lifestyle. Almost every day is spent at the Jacuí river.

Motoryama regularly hosts and sponsors numerous marine events such as cruising, boat operator meetings, and races for customers. They are sponsoring the South American regional race, Sul Americano de motos de água. Mr. Rogério also participates in the stand-up category as a pilot, competing with other powerhouse racers from Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Recently, he debuted the 4-stroke SuperJet in a race showcasing its awesome performance.

Another promotion for the SuperJet is providing the option for custom graphics. The same materials used for off-road motorcycles are employed here. The high-quality and sleek graphics also assist in preventing accidents. Motoryama collaboration with the Graphic designing company Moto Style de Caxias do Sul, creates an array of colors and numbers for customers giving them immense flexibility when choosing their ideal design. Although they started by offering traditional Yamaha blue graphics, now a wide variety of new colors are available, garnering high reviews.

Discover the Fishery of Japan

Chantey editorial team

In this column, we will continually cover a wide variety of Japanese fish species and fishing methods.

The Sea Squirt Aquaculture

This time, the report is on sea squirt aquaculture in Yoriisohama, Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture. Miyagi is located in the Tohoku region, the north-eastern part of Japan. Ishinomaki has the second largest population in Miyagi, and it's home to a thriving fishing industry, including the cultivation of sea squirts and oysters.


About Sea Squirts

There are more than 2,000 species of sea squirts all over the world. Along with Japan, people in other countries such as South Korea, France, and Chile also eat sea squirts. They are rich in minerals. Due to its shape, it also gained the name "sea pineapple."

Beautiful Ocean Forever

Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Limited (YMA)
Yamaha Rightwaters Launched

Yamaha Marine Australia Partners With SeaBin for 100 Cities Project

Yamaha Motor Australia is excited to announce the launch of Yamaha Rightwaters, an initiative that builds on Yamaha’s commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation of our waterways and oceans.
Originally developed by Yamaha in the USA, the Yamaha Rightwaters initiative champions environmental stewardship and supports marine habitat protection, management and restoration through education, scientific research, and partnerships to ensure a healthy marine ecosystem for generations to come.

Jason Harris, General Manager of the Marine Division at Yamaha Motor Australia, said, “At Yamaha, we are passionate about boating and passionate about the long-term sustainability of our waterways.”

“We are fortunate to have some of the most pristine and diverse marine environments in the world, however, we realise we can never take this for granted.”

“As our population continues to grow so too does the pressure that urbanisation has on our local marine ecosystems, through increased consumption, waste generation and usage of our waterways.”

“Working within our Yamaha Rightwaters brand, our goal is to implement programs that contribute in a meaningful way to help protect and sustain our waterways, not only for the current generation, but for future generations that follow.”

“We are excited to announce our first major partnership under the Yamaha Rightwaters program by joining Seabin™ as a major sponsor of the world first, “100 Smarter Cities for Cleaner Oceans” campaign in Sydney, Australia,” Jason said.

Seabin™ is an Australian founded clean tech start-up that has developed an innovative Ocean Health Data Platform, which involves the removal and data cataloguing of plastics and other marine debris from waterways. The critical data sets collated from the Seabin unit collections are being recognised by global authorities such as United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), to facilitate, support and implement positive policy making and behavioural change.

Seabin™ have set a goal of being operational in 100 cities by 2050 and launched their first City Pilot in Sydney last year, collecting more than 16 tonnes of marine debris from Sydney’s waterways and filtering over 3 billion litres of water. The support of Yamaha will contribute to doubling this impact, through the addition of an additional route within Seabin’s Sydney Smart City program.

Pete Ceglinski, CEO and Co-Founder of Seabin™ said, “We are thrilled to have Yamaha Motor Australia onboard as a major Australian partner for Seabin’s #100 Cities program which addresses both clean-up in the water and behavioural change on land. In short, we are turning off the tap and cleaning up the mess at the same time.”

Yamaha Rightwaters | Yamaha Motor Australia (yamaha-motor.com.au)Rightwaters Website
Seabin Project - Cleaner Oceans for a Brighter FutureSeabin Website

“Yamaha’s support will allow us to add an additional 16 Seabins in strategic locations within Sydney Harbour, doubling our collection capabilities, optimising our digital data platform and increasing our educational and community engagement initiatives.”

Fallon White, Head of Global Partnerships for Seabin™ said, “We are excited to launch this significant partnership with Yamaha Motor Australia as they rollout their successful USA initiated Rightwaters program in Australia. The partnership will support all facets of Seabin’s operations including marine debris collection, data analysis, community engagement, and education; further enabling our mission for cleaner oceans and hitting our target of 100 cities by 2050.”

News Round-up

Sulolipu Djamil Kobong
PT. Karya Bahari Abadi
Article on Gemba Kaizen
Written by Mr. Sulolipu Djamil Kobong (General Manager at PT. Karya Bahari Abadi)

PT. Karya Bahari Abadi (KBA), a distributor for Yamaha Marine products in Indonesia, was established in 2006. Our current market share for outboard motor is 80%, and we have been leading the marine market with strong 3S activities. Currently, there are 15 authorized dealers and 400 local technicians, and not only we make sure to deliver products to customers on time, we always look for any possible ways to increase customer satisfaction through after-sales service as well.

In October 2021, we conducted an activity called “Gemba Kaizen” at our workshops in Jakarta, Bali, and Sorong. We aimed to focus on improvement of quality and efficiency in our after-sales service by using 4 methods: Seiri (Sorting), Seiton (Setting in order), Seiso (Shining), and Seiketsu (Standardizing). We value this methodology because it takes up less time on finding necessities such as parts, tools, and manuals and prevents any physical troubles in workshop. Once we are able to maintain our workshops with this methodology, we believe we can respond customer’s needs immediately with more efficiency in work.

Seiri (Sorting)
Seiton (Setting in order)
Seiso (Shining)
Seiketsu (Standardizing)

Through this activity, we gained more knowledge on importance of maintaining workshops in correct manner. We also plan to expand this activity to our 3S channels to satisfy customers anywhere in Indonesia.


Risa Sakamoto
Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit
Africa Market Development Division
Central, East & South Africa Group
Kenyan Distributor, Captain Andy's Fishing Supply Ltd.

This report is on Captain Andy's Fishing Supply Ltd. (CAFS), a Kenyan distributor involved in the wide marine field.

The marine product's distributor in Kenya, CAFS, also manufactures and sells boats with Yamaha's technical assistance. 
They have continuously increased Yamaha's brand image by giving safety education and training such as boating skills and outboard motor maintenance to fishermen and the tourism industry. 
Their contribution deepened the friendly relationship and mutual understanding between Japan and Kenya for countless years. On November 26th, 2021, the founder of CAFS, Managing Director Andy Thomas, received the Consul General's Commendation from the Japanese Ambassador to the Republic of Kenya, Ryoichi Horie. They have been recognized for this remarkable achievement.
When Ambassador Horie visited the coastal area of Kenya, he was impressed to witness Yamaha Motor's high market share of outboard motors. This led to his decision to award the Managing Director Andy for his great effort. Managing Director Andy has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in sales promotion.
From 2021, CAFS started organizing the Powered by Yamaha, Yamaha Super Series, which is a sportfishing competition.

CAFS has been the largest sponsor of sportfishing in Kenya for many years. However, they have decided to provide support, focusing on Yamaha customers to increase their brand loyalty and admiration. CAFS has committed to running the Powered by Yamaha Super Series for a minimum of three years to reward customers for their brand loyalty and continuous support.

The Yamaha Super Series is a category in the four competitions held during the 2021 and 2022 seasons: Watamu Sea Fishing Club Christmas Festival, The Delamere, The Kilifi Classic, and The Watamu Fishing Festival, with prizes awarded to the top 3 boats equipped with Yamaha outboard motors in all four of the competitions. Prizes varied from engines, servicing, fishing tackle and clothing. The teams' two tournament scores were calculated, and the team with the best result won the overall prize, the W19 boat. This season's winner was team Ayaan. As a result, an increase in participation from Yamaha-powered boats was seen with the figures below recorded.

Competition Entry numbers Powered by Yamaha engines Engines breakdown Yamaha share in the outboards
The Watamu Sea Fishing Club Christmas Festival 30 boats 15 boats 50% diesel 93%
50% outboard
The Delamere 26 boats 20 boats 42% diesel 80%
48% outboard
The Kilifi Classic 36 boats 20 boats 36% diesel 87%
64% outboard
The Watamu Fishing festival 27 boats 20 boats 56% diesel 100%
44% outboard

Over the four different tournaments, we had 34 different outboard boats, 30 of which were powered by Yamaha, representing 88% of the total boats. This is a great figure!

CAFS will continue to contribute to the local economy by training people involved in the fishing and tourism industries. At the same time, they will work to grow the demand for leisure and sportfishing in East Africa and boost Yamaha's presence.

Kazuki Miyamoto
Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit
Africa Market Development Division
Central, East & South Africa Group
Go Beyond Caravan in Comoros

Comoros distributor, SCC Mamadali organized the first Go Beyond Caravan (GBC, service campaign) in Anjuan Island and Grand Comoros Island for six days from November to December of last year.

OMDO supported the project through remote meetings, while Mr. Charles, a consultant in East Africa, visited the local sites to assist in preparation.
They conducted free outboard motors inspection for fishermen to improve customer satisfaction, provided Yamaha genuine parts awareness campaigns, and sold parts along with YAMALUBE. A total of 52 outboard motors were inspected, and more than $3,500 worth of parts and YAMALUBE were sold.
It was more successful than expected, ultimately some parts were out of stock at the end of GBC.

One of the GBC's aims is to build an area service system where private mechanics has an opportunity to participate as staff members. For this purpose, the private mechanics were enrolled in training programs to improve their maintenance skills and knowledge of outboard motors. This marked the first time distributors provided after-sales service training to private mechanics, strengthening the relationship and successfully establishing an after-sales service network.

12 GBCs are planned for 2022. We will provide new private mechanics with training again and work to increase the Yamaha brand further in Comoros through customer support.

YMC Product Planning
The SuperJet Wins the Red Dot Design Award

It was announced on March 31, 2022 that the WaveRunner SuperJet have received the world-famous Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2022.

The SuperJet is a single-seater stand-up personal watercraft that has undergone a full model change in 2021 for the first time in 30 years. The model is equipped with a 4-stroke 3-cylinder engine that complies with current emission regulations and features a sharp design reminiscent of racing with a front wide hull shape. It is equipped with a steering adjustment function that suits operator body size and taste, an expanded foot tray, and an engine suppression mode.

The Product Planning Manager made a brief statement regarding the award, “It’s an honor to receive a prestigious award. I am proud that the design award and SuperJet’s performance, styling, and Japanese manufacturing will greatly appeal to customers.”

The Red Dot Design Awards, organized by Germany's Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, are widely recognized as one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.

Yamaha Professional Angler Jason Christie won the 52nd annual Bassmaster Classic in Greenville, South Carolina on Sunday,becoming the first Yamaha angler since 2018 to earn the title of Bassmaster Classic Champion. The tournament, held on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell, featured 55 of the top B.A.S.S. anglers from the Elite field, B.A.S.S. Opens Series and B.A.S.S. Nation.

Christie went into Championship Sunday in first place after an impressive first two days of fishing. A nail-biting day on the water brought multiple anglers within ounces of snatching the lead from him, but Christie’s massive haul of 17 pounds, 9 ounces kept him in first place by five ounces. He ended the weekend with a total catch of 15 fish weighing a combined 54 pounds.

Christie came close to winning the Bassmaster Classic twice before and was eager to finally bring home the biggest trophy in competitive bass fishing.

“I can’t tell you how lucky I am,” said Christie at the weigh-in on Championship Sunday. “I had to put my nose to the dirt and grind, and that’s what I’ve done these last three days. The sponsors and the fans make this sport what it is, and I’m so grateful. Thank you to all of you!”

Skeeter/Yamaha Pro Taku Ito also finished in the top ten, taking seventh place with a total catch of 47 pounds, 14 ounces.

Seventeen Yamaha anglers competed in this year’s Bassmaster Classic. The event drew a record-breaking crowd of 154,000 bass fishing fans.

One-point Service

Service Division, Marine Business Operations YMC
About Electric Corrosion

Hello everyone, in this Chantey, I would like to call attention to electric corrosion.
I will explain it in a four part series, in which this issue will cover the first part.

  • Electric corrosion mechanism
  • Electric corrosion prevention
  • Differences between 2-stroke and 4-stroke
  • Electric corrosion caused by incorrect wiring

Each part will be covered separately.
All four parts contain vital information therefore, all contents must be read carefully and understood fully.
Electrolytic corrosion, galvanic corrosion, and electrochemical corrosion are also known, however, in this article we will collectively refer to them as "electric corrosion."


It is widely known of the utmost importance of performing engine oil maintenance for customers who have replaced their 2-stroke outboard motors with a 4-stroke. Although the careful upkeep of engine oil is commonly practiced, electric corrosion is not well known but must also be closely monitored. Similar to the engine oil trouble, the malfunction caused by electric corrosion deals severe damage to the product, so mechanics who usually engage directly with customers should fully be aware of the electric corrosion effects and daily preventative measures. Now, let's explore the mechanism of electric corrosion.

What's Electric Corrosion?

We often hear electric corrosion, but what is it? The word electric corrosion is used when the surface of metal parts (outside plating, rudder, propeller, engine, etc.) of the boat is exposed to seawater and gives an appearance of discoloration or insects eating it. The phenomenon of electric corrosion sounds difficult to grasp, but direct current electricity such as batteries people use every day is made by electric corrosion. Let's gain a better understanding of electric corrosion while learning how the battery works.

How the Battery Works (Voltaic Battery)

The battery was created by an Italian inventor named Volta in 1800. As shown in figure 2, he discovered that electricity flows when copper and zinc are put into diluted sulfuric acid (electrolyte) and connected with a conducting wire.
The voltaic battery's direct current electricity generation is caused by electric corrosion. Now, let's take a look at the relationship between electricity generation and electric corrosion using the illustration on the right.

Figure 1:
When the copper plate and zinc plate are individually immersed in diluted sulfuric acid (electrolyte solution), hydrogen gas is produced from the zinc plate. A chemical reaction occurs simultaneously between the zinc and the diluted sulfuric acid, while zinc atoms are dissolved in the electric. Therefore, electrons remain and gradually increase in the zinc plate.
Figure 2:
When a wire is attached to the copper and zinc plate, electricity flows because the electrons stored in the zinc plate move toward the copper plate. During this time, the copper plate becomes positively charged, and the zinc plate becomes negatively charged, but this phenomenon does not occur unless there is a differing amount of energy between the two metal plates.

So what will happen to the negatively charged zinc plate?
Zinc atoms dissolve in the electric solution, and electrons move to the positive side, creating a situation where zinc atoms gradually disappear. In other words, batteries, including voltaic batteries, generate electricity by dissolving the negatively charged metal.

Metal and Electric Corrosion in Seawater

Now, let's compare the metal in seawater (Figure 3) and the mechanism of a voltaic battery (Figure 2).

  • Seawater is a type of electrolytes like diluted sulfuric acid.
  • The propeller and casing are made of metals that differ in the amount of energy they carry, similar to copper and zinc.
  • The propeller and casing are electrically conductive through the propeller shaft, etc.

Isn't the voltaic battery almost the same as shown in figure 3? What do you think?
If this continues, the propeller casing will dissolve like the zinc plate in a voltaic battery. This phenomenon is called electric corrosion.

We need to prevent electric corrosion because we don't want our products to dissipate over time.
I'll follow up on corrosion prevention next time, but please keep this information in mind until then.
The clue for the next topic is hidden in this article.

Editor’s Note

Takeshi Hino

Online Chantey has been published for the third time. Reading the boat show report, I feel that normalcy is returning to our daily lives. I am looking forward and excitingly await the marine leisure activities!

We will continue to update Chantey and provide easy-to-digest articles for the readers. Last but not least, thanks to the big help from everyone, I was able to complete Chantey even during the rugby season, where I played every week. I would like to give my sincere gratitude to everyone involved in Chantey.

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