"People" , "Water" and the "Environment" in Harmony :
providing a world of excitement on the water

The first small "PWCs" (personal watercraft) that were produced in the 1970s in the USA, were vehicles to be enjoyed by solo riders. They were also difficult to ride vehicles and not everyone could master them. In order to offer a PWC that more people could ride and enjoy with ease and assurance, Yamaha introduced the WaveRunner in 1986 as the world's first tandem model PWC. It was a craft developed around the concepts of reliability, fun and functionality.

It was also a craft that could only have been built by Yamaha, a company with a unique combination of long years of small engine expertise in the motorcycle and outboard motor fields and equally deep experience and know-how in boat design and construction. And ever since, Yamaha has continued to develop and refine its technologies to achieve a beautiful harmony between what the customers want in a WaveRunner and what is good for the local societies and the environment.

Professional rider on a closed course.