• Dear Dominique, Michael and Ramco. We at Yamaha Motor Europe are extremely proud that you will represent us during the WTGP in Japan. Maybe we are even more proud that you represent Yamaha to our customers on a daily basis! Good luck and do not forget to enjoy this very special event.

    YMENV all staff The Netherlands (EUROPE)
  • Thank you for being on our team! Your passion and dedication to support “Creating Lifetime Yamaha Customers” is commemorable.? Let’s make customers glad they chose Yamaha! Thank You.

    David Trombley Education Manager U.S.A
  • Enjoy every moment of this experience. Keep working hard as you always do!. I wish you luck and go ahead!

    Lucas Martinez Sales manager of dealer Argentina
  • Great opportunity given by Yamaha and we feel proud of you and are looking forward to reaching top of the world technician grand Prix.

  • Best of luck Mr. Divanshu at WTGP competition.

    Mohd. Ubed Royal customer India
  • Congratulation Mr. Divanshu and I would pray to god you will come as winner.

    MOHIT Royal customer India
  • Having yourself pride as selected WTGP contest. Best of luck Mr. Divanshu and we wish you win the WTGP competition.

    Shiva motors workshop staff  India
  • Proud to be a part of our dealer technician. We wish you very best of luck for winning WTGP.

    M/S Planet Automobiles Workshop Staff India
  • Congratulation….!! To Mr. Jignesh for his success and wish you best of luck for WTGP……YES YAMAHA…

    Ganpat Rai Royal customer India
  • I am looking forward to hearing your success at WTGP. Good luck!

    Dalpatsigh Rajput Royal customer India
  • Wonderful opportunity given by Yamaha…. Congratulation to Mr. Jignesh and wish you very good luck for WTGP.

    Faizal Khan Royal customer India
  • Congratulation to Mr. Jignesh. I belive that your effort are rewarded in the form of winning at WTGP.

    Bhupendra Rathore Royal customer India
  • We are proud of working with you as team member. We are always supporting you and we wish you win. YES YAMAHA!

    M/S Planet Automobiles
    Sales Staff
  • Within Yamaha Canada Training department, we are working to raise the technician skill level in our daily effort. We congratulate Luke Pakkala on his Canadian TGP win and we expect him to represent his dealership and YMCA with pride. Good luck to all competitors of this 2016 WTGP and we hope that each person experiences satisfaction with their WTGP results and in their career as a Yamaha Technician.
    To see technicians from many countries all competing with such professionalism and high skill means our Yamaha training efforts are being well placed.

    Dave Shepherd Manager of Training and Technical Service, Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. Canada
  • Dear participants,
    Participate in the World Technician Grand Prix (WTGP), is in fact a reason to be proud!
    Sincere congratulations to all participants!
    I wish that you have a competition where you can deliver the best of you, and that you can enjoy as much as possible this unforgettable experience.
    You KAN DO it!

    Estimados participantes.
    Participar en el WTGP (World Technician Grand Prix), es ya un motivo de orgullo!
    Sinceras felicitaciones para todos los participantes.
    Deseo que tengan una competencia donde puedan entregar lo mejor de ustedes y que disfruten al maximo esta inolvidable experiencia.
    You KAN DO it! (Puedes hacerlo!)

    Francisco J. Sierra President Colombia
  • First and foremost, a big thanks for the good quality service you are providing to the Yamaha Shop (UEMI Urdaneta Branch). Wishing you good luck to the upcoming WTGP 2016.
    We, Yamaha customers, are looking forward to see you win in an international competition.

    Jairuz Harvey J. Bocauto Royal customer The Philippines
  • To Ramel Realin, our NTGP Champion, good luck to your upcoming competition. I hope you can bring home the title to our country. I know you can do it because you're the best technician. Again, good luck and God Bless you.

    Ian David Castro Royal customer The Philippines
  • Winning is not only the accomplishment you've made but also how you've become an inspiration and role model to other technicians. Being the country's representative to 2016 WTGP, you made us all very proud. The whole company Guanzon Group will be praying for your success.
    Congratulations and Goodluck!

    Josephinet T. Bendicio Branch Manager at Yamaha UEMI - Urdaneta The Philippines
  • First of all, congratulations to all participating technicians! You are all winners. To Ramel Realin, we wish you good luck. Advance congratulations to the best technician who will win the WTGP 2016. To do a great work is to love what you do.

    David Jero U. Munoz YMPH Service Market Group - Area Controller The Philippines
  • Congratulations to all WTGP2016 contestants, most especially to Ramel Realin. This is your chance to showcase what you've learned from Yamaha Technical Academy.
    I wish you good luck. Just focus and relax. If you win you will be happy, if you lose you will be wise.

    Vincent Alquizalas YMPH Service Education Group - Sr. Supervisor The Philippines
  • Don't Let Your Nerves Get The Best Of You!
    just relax and show your best performance as usual working at your dealer.

    Dang Thanh Binh Education administrator Vietnam
  • To all contestants,
    We wish you good luck and success for this competition, be proud of belonging to Yamaha family, make your best effort to win, share your knowledge and learn from this challenge.
    May the best win!

    Javier Francisco
    Callegari Herazo
    General Manager Peru
    Christian Jorge
    Galdames Revoredo
    Service Chief Peru
  • Hello, my name is Samokhin Dmitry and I am in charge for Service Training in Russia. I am very happy to take part in such kind of event like Yamaha World Tech GP 2016 and I am humbled to do it. I hope that all participants will compete honestly and will show best result. I would like to wish good luck to all of them. Thank you.

    Samokhin Dmitry Service training staff Russia
  • Yuiu,
    Being able to participate in the WTGP representing Taiwan will be a valuable life experience. Please be sure to go in with a relaxed, clear mind and give it your all.
    Demonstrate your abilities as much as you please to show everyone your best performance. Good luck!


    Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd. (YMT) Vice President Kao Chinpo 台湾山葉機車工業股?有限公司
    副總経理 高 晴珀
  • Yuiu,
    You are really the best and we all respect you.
    As a participant from Taiwan, please show everyone what our country is capable of as you battle it out in this global level competition. I believe that you will be successful and that will be one of the best experiences of your life.


    Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd. (YMT) Sales Headquarters GM Peng Jente 台湾山葉機車工業股?有限公司
    営業本部協理 彭 仁徳
  • Yuiu,
    Making it all the way to the WTGP representing Taiwan serves as proof of your abilities. Please go in with a calm mindset and demonstrate your abilities as much as you please in order to win top prize, and do your best for both yourself and Taiwan. Good luck!


    Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd. (YMT) Service Div. Manager Chen Lichen 台湾山葉機車工業股?有限公司
    服務部経理 陳 立丞
  • Please carefully prepare yourself as you have been given this rare chance by Yamaha to demonstrate your skills at the WTGP, which is a world-class event.
    Please win top prize not just for yourself but for Yamaha Motor Taiwan as well.
    Be sure to give it your all and make Taiwan shine!

    為TAIWAN YAMAHA爭取最高榮譽、為台灣爭光,要全力以赴。加油!

    Mr. Huang's father and mother JIN-SHING MOTOR CO. LTD Taiwan
  • I really respect you for trying your best and practicing so much for this WTGP. Please keep a level head and give it your all at the event. Everyone here hopes for your success.


    Mr. Huang's wife JIN-SHING MOTOR CO. LTD Taiwan
  • Hey brother! Go for it! You can do it!
    You are basically our idol who we all admire.
    We believe that you will be able to become world champion.
    We respect you and are trying to follow in your footsteps.


    Colleagues of dealer JIN-SHING MOTOR CO. LTD Taiwan
  • Your dedication and pursue on the maintenance work, reflects your professional maintenance skill level. I'm very happy and proud of you because you have won the championship in 2016 China NTGP. I think you have set a good example for all company staffs. I wish you good luck and success in WTGP2016.

    Xiao Lan ping General manager ChongQing Jinteng Vehicle Industry Co., LTD China
  • Be Bold! Be Remarkable! Make Things Happen!!

    Yasutsugu Kaneko President/Sales general manager Japan
  • Break down the walls!

    Katsumi Miura Director/Technical gereral manager Japan