National Technician Grand Prix Contest Report 2016



    All USTGP contestants must complete our Bronze, Silver and Gold courses to be considered eligible to compete in the USTGP.

    ● Bronze
    Yamaha technical training begins with a web-based course focusing on fundamentals and general Yamaha service knowledge.

    ● Silver
    Yamaha instructor-led training (ILT) begins with the Silver level class. This 5-day course is available only at Yamaha training facilities. The curriculum focuses on EFI principles and operation, EFI component testing, ABS, and electrical theory. Yamaha Diagnostic Tool 3.1 (YDT) usage and generator diagnostics are also covered in this course.

    ● Gold
    This 5-day course builds on what was learned in Silver, broadening the student's understanding of Yamaha fuel injection systems and proprietary engine systems, i.e., YCC-T® and YCC-I®. Exhaust gas analyzer (EGA) and YDT usage in advanced diagnostic applications is also emphasized.

    ● USTGP
    This event, held every two years, is a unique opportunity for the top Gold-certified technicians to compete against each other and discover who can succeed when the pressure is on! The Yamaha Technical Academy certified 184 Gold technicians between 2013 and 2016. All of these students competed for the highest grade, striving to become one of the best six technicians in the US and thereby compete in the USTGP. This two-day event focuses on hands-on skills and involves a challenging written exam to test product knowledge. In 2016, Yamaha and other corporate sponsors provide the winning technicians and their dealerships with significant prizes in excess of $27,000 in value.

-Job rewarding is customer's smile-Focus on US Technician Grand Prix 2016 winner.


  • Test ride with written estimate and discussion with customer
  • USTGP Labs
  • Cam timing/valve adjustment
  • Sponsorship prizes in excess of $27,000 in value



Name: Steven Maltba
Dealer: Fayetteville Powersports
Working experience at Yamaha: 6.5 years

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What motivated you to take up the WTGP challenge?
When I first heard of the World Tech Grand Prix, it was pleasing to know that Yamaha was able to reward technicians in such a way. My fuel for this event is pure passion for the powersports industry which, in return for my efforts, has given me so much happiness. I am honored to represent the USA in this event.
What effort did you make to win the National Contest?
I knew the USTPG was going to be difficult, but I knew no matter if I came in 1st or 6th that I had made it farther than I ever thought I would as a technician.
Let us know the activities or services your shop is doing to go beyond the expectations of the customers, if any.
At Fayetteville Powersports, we as a team always try our hardest to keep customers happy. Our team works very well together, which in return has allowed our dealership to be very successful.
When do you find your job rewarding?
A smile and a handshake from our customers. When I see a customer enjoying their product that I put life back into, or have even just lubed the chain of, I know I have helped make a memory and helped keep up their enthusiasm for Powersports.
What is your favorite point about Yamaha?
Yamaha has always been on the top of my list. The passion they have for the Powersports Industry and consumer is admirable.
What challenge do you want to take up or be passionate about in your work from here on in?
I want to stay in the powersports business until I can’t work anymore.
What are your aspirations for the 2016 WTGP?
Never quit learning and continue to support customers in a positive way. Thank you!