National Technician Grand Prix Contest Report 2016



    Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. organizes the national competition named the Thailand Technician Grand Prix 2016, or TTGP. Our competition is for mechanics to show their potential and to improve their standards to international level. This consequently ensures the confidence of our customers and creates sustainability in the business of manufacturing, distributing and aftersales service in Thailand.

    It delights us that this competition gains good support from dealers nationwide and their service staff. A total of 521 shops participated in this competition. 140 of them qualified at the regional level, and finally there were 21 shops from 7 regions remaining. The 2016 contest had 3 competition stages for technicians before a national champion could be found.

    The 1st stage (Dealerships round) tests basic knowledge and skills in technicians from around the country who have Silver or Gold level YTA training. Agents go around dealerships to solicit participants.

    The 2nd stage (Regional round) finds those dealership technicians with the highest scores, selecting 21 persons from 5 areas and 7 regions (140 persons). Their skills are tested in a theory exam and a workshop exam.

    The 3rd stage (TTGP final) tests those technicians with the highest scores, taking 3 people from 1 field (5 areas, 7 regions): a total of 21 persons. They sit a workshop and a theory examination.


  • Station 1: Troubleshooting and repair (Model YZF-R3)
    This station tests motorcycle-related knowledge and skill. It requires the ability to reliably and quickly analyze using the Yamaha Diagnostic Tool, Version 2. Each technician must apply his or her skills and technical analysis together with the computer system. Then customer satisfaction must be achieved by finding and analyzing the problem with the motorcycle
  • Station 2: Periodic maintenance (Model N-MAX)
    Tests periodic maintenance-related knowledge and skill. Periodic maintenance must be performed correctly and completely according to the service manual. It must optimize the motorcycle's performance and prolong the life of the motorcycle. It must optimally satisfy the customer, the Yamaha rider.
  • Station 3: Customer relations (Model M-SLAZ)
    This station tests technical analysis-related knowledge and skill, and the ability to show the customer how to correctly use and maintain a motorcycle. It also tests ability to deal with customers if they are not satisfied with products or services. The aim is to keep confidence in the Yamaha brand and the highest level of satisfaction in Yamaha customers.



Name: Suchot Anantasuk
Dealer: JS Phitsanulok Sales & Service
Working experience at Yamaha: 11 years

  • Me with my colleagues and my boss
  • My hobby is forests and traveling
  • In front of the dealership service shop
  • Me and my family
What motivated you to take up the WTGP challenge?
Firstly I just had the idea that I would like to try. Also, I'm interested in technology. And finally, I want to put my skills to the challenge and show what Thai people can do.
What effort did you make to win the National Contest?
I wanted to endure, be diligent, and work for acceptance from everyone. I want to test my limits because I want to go beyond myself.
Let us know the activities or services your shop is doing to go beyond the expectations of the customers, if any.
Customers - I don't think of them as strangers but in my opinion they are my parents, so I serve them like I do my parents.
When do you find your job rewarding?
In the dealer shop we like to give customized attention, taking care of details, listening to customers' needs and trying to do everything possible for customers to leave satisfied.
What is your favorite point about Yamaha?
I like the products, the technology that is developed, and I like learning and innovating in Thai Yamaha Motors with the support of the staff, too.
What challenge do you want to take up or be passionate about in your work from here on in?
My challenge is to be the best of the best, because Yamaha quality and technology is not matched by any other brand.
What are your aspirations for the 2016 WTGP?
I’m Thai and I think what I can do for Thailand. We never want to lose to another country. I will be the winner for Thailand.