National Technician Grand Prix Contest Report 2016



    Yamaha Motor del Peru organized the National Technician Grand Prix in May, 2015.

    <2015 contest> Number of technicians: 24 / Number of dealers: 18.
    The National Technician Grand Prix in Peru had 2 competition stages in order to get our national champion.

    1st stage: The contestants were evaluated by way of a knowledge test. The goal of this test was to measure the theoretical knowledge of each contestant. After this test we selected 8 finalists.

    2nd stage: After selecting 8 technicians from Arequipa, Loreto, Cajamarca, Piura, Ica and Lima, the second stage took place in our headquarters. After four evaluations in different topics, we got our national champion.


The National Technician Grand Prix Peru was broken down into four evaluations:
a written test, measurement, customer service and technical skills.
All these tests took place at Yamaha Motor del Peru's headquarters in May, 2015.

  • Written Test: The goal of the written test was to assess the theoretical knowledge of each contestant.
  • Measurement evaluation: Each contestant worked with measurement tools such as calipers and a micrometer kit to take measurements of cylinders and pistons to know their coning, diameter and roundness
  • Customer Service: In this evaluation, the contestant's customer service skills were evaluated: the appearance of the technician, the method by which the problem was explained, and the technician's knowledge.
  • Technical Skill: In this evaluation the contestant's technicall skills were evaluated. Contestants had to find three mechanical failures in two hours



Name: Erick Alexander Benavides Arenas
Dealer: Team Benavides
Working experience at Yamaha: 11 years

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What motivated you to take up the WTGP challenge?
A lot of things motivated me to participate in the World Technician Grand Prix 2016. I wanted to know more about the origin of the brand, get international experience, and satisfy my competitive spirit; but the most important reason is to be the best Yamaha technician in the world.
What effort did you make to win the National Contest?
To win the National Technician Grand Prix 2015, I reviewed all my notes from previous courses at the Yamaha Technical Academy and also did research related to the competition so as to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. Finally, my daily experience in the workshop prepared me for the competition.
Let us know the activities or services your shop is doing to go beyond the expectations of the customers, if any.
Our service team has been working really hard in aftersale activities, because our goal is to exceed customers' expectations in order to generate confidence and to thus create a loop between the customer and our company to generate value.
When do you find your job rewarding?
What I find rewarding in my job is customers' satisfaction when I manage to fix their motorcycles, and also my contribution to environmental preservation by correctly segregating correctly dangerous residues.
What is your favorite point about Yamaha?
I am a Yamaha lover. I like the technology used in their motorcycles and I also like the Yamaha Technical Academy.
What challenge do you want to take up or be passionate about in your work from here on in?
My next challenge is to become a member of a Yamaha racing team in international competitions.
What are your aspirations for the 2016 WTGP?
In this World Technician Grand Prix, I expect to show my capacity, speed and ability to fix motorcycles and put my country's name at the top. So my big aspiration is to "win the contest"!