National Technician Grand Prix Contest Report 2016



    Once again Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia held it's National Technician Grand Prix on 2nd & 3rd August 2016. A total of 13 participants of the best qualified technicians from the various provinces, including 2 participants from East Malaysia, competed to be the best. The winner, Mr. Tan Chor Sian, dealership of Kahr Motor Sdn. Bhd., Penang. Mr. Tan Chor Sian, dominated the Written and Measurement exams by scoring the highest points. We at HLYM, Malaysia, wish him all the best for the upcoming World Technician Grand Prix in Japan.


NTGP is conducted in 4 individual contests with written test, measurement, customer reception and practical / trouble shooting at YTA Centre, HLYM. Malaysia.

  • Written Test: Conducted in 40 minutes.
    Participants have to answer a variety of questions regarding technical issue.
  • Measurement Test: Conducted in 50 minutes.
    Five measurement test questions, were assigned to participants.
  • Customer Reception: Conducted in 10 minutes.
    As usual a role play with a customer is the scenario, to eventually asses how customer is received by contestant.
  • Periodical Inspection & Troubleshooting: Conducted in 50 minutes.
    Contestant is separated into 2 categories ?
    * Trouble Shoot ( Diagnostic Tool)
    * Basic Maintenance.



Name: Tan Chor Sian
Dealer: Kahr Motor
Working experience at Yamaha: 8 years

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What motivated you to take up the WTGP challenge?
Appreciated the opportunity provided by WTGP 2016, which will spur me to have advancement in my overall knowledge, technical skills and the international competition from other parts of the world, and sharing the experience or gaining in the knowledge to my team members.
What effort did you make to win the National Contest?
From the unstinting efforts and unflagging cooperation of my senior and colleagues to learn and understanding all the Yamaha products. Careful research and study with the assist from using the Yamaha Diagnostic Tools to solve the defective of the Yamaha products. I think these factors may tend to win the national contest.
Let us know the activities or services your shop is doing to go beyond the expectations of the customers, if any.
The concerns and opinions from the customers are essential to our goal of servicing the highest quality of the Yamaha products we sold and with the efficient services and best effort arrangement to deal with more promptly will result in inquiries or any problem from the customers may beyond their expectation.
When do you find your job rewarding?
We found job rewarding when we feel and gave word as total satisfaction and complimentary from the customers on our professional technical skill to handle and deal without any inconvenience causing them.
What is your favorite point about Yamaha?
Integrity in engine designs, capacity of powers and lavishly colors of the Yamaha products, found modernity and attractive to any group of customers.
What challenge do you want to take up or be passionate about in your work from here on in?
My future challenge is aiming to build a team for 1 to 1 customer services for after sales and let customer fully satisfy with our services.
What are your aspirations for the 2016 WTGP?
Aspiration for me is fully use my intelligent and professional technical skill to break a record on book. Hope to have an award from World Technician Grand Prix 2016.