National Technician Grand Prix Contest Report 2016



    Yamaha Motor CIS held the finals of the 2nd National Technician Grand Prix (NTGP) (Russia-Kazakhstan) on 23rd May, 2016.
    Regional preliminary contests were held, and nine winners selected from out of 50 dealers and 44 technicians.

    We held the NTGP to:

    • promote official dealers' workshops for customers and thereby increase the number of customers' visits and improve service profitability
    • increase the level of dealer participation in YMCIS training programs and thereby increase knowledge levels among dealer service staff
    • promote YTA information and YMCIS training and marketing activities and thereby increase the level of customers' faith in the YAMAHA brand
    • motivate dealer technicians


RUS-KZ NTGP consisted of four main tasks: a 1-hour theory test, and three practice sessions of 1 hr 20 mins each.
YMCIS added marine product practice because the main market in Russia is the outboard motor market
and the best technicians have to be the best in marine too. The tasks were based on the YTA Bronze and Basic Programmes.
This allowed participants to show all their best skills, knowledge and abilities.

  • Writing Test ? 1 hour
  • Customer Relations Task ? 1 hr 20 mins: Participants had to prepare all the necessary documents for R3 maintenance, do some basic maintenance work and return the bike to the customer
  • Marine Practice Task ? 1 hr 20 mins: Participants had to connect F70A to 6Y8 gauges, set them up and diagnose the OM with YDIS 2.23
  • Land Practice Task ? 1 hr 20 mins: Participants had to diagnose R3 with YDT and do electrical troubleshooting



Name: Sergey Zavyalov
Dealer: Kompaniya Motomir LLC Yekaterinburg
Working experience at Yamaha: 9 years

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What motivated you to take up the WTGP challenge?
People compete with each other all the time. Everyone has a competitive spirit. Competitions like this event are very unique and provide a rare opportunity for participation. WTGP is the highest level competition, and to be a part of it feels very cool!
What effort did you make to win the National Contest?
I didn't worry, was calm and self-reliant.
Let us know the activities or services your shop is doing to go beyond the expectations of the customers, if any.
For me, service is not just mechanical work; it is, first of all, a relationship with the customer. It needs friendliness and the ability to listen the customer's needs. I try to create a friendly atmosphere between myself and the customer. Trust is very important. Sometimes the customer comes to the workshop just to converse, to share impressions of a trip, or just to drink coffee. We are friends with our customers.
When do you find your job rewarding?
For example, we prepared a unit for a race. The guy won 3rd place and immediately called on us to share his impressions and feelings. Of course he thanked us a lot, too. It was very pleasant!
What is your favorite point about Yamaha?
Yamaha is a worldwide brand for high quality motors and for music too! I always really like to ride on a faster bike and listen to music on the perfect audio system.
What challenge do you want to take up or be passionate about in your work from here on in?
A good challenge for me is a difficult new project, when I can put my design and construction skills to work and create something new and unique.
What are your aspirations for the 2016 WTGP?
I'd like to be the best, No1. Moscow and Yekaterinburg wished me "Good luck!"