National Technician Grand Prix Contest Report 2016



    YMARG conducted its 5th NTGP on November 18th and 19th, 2015.

    Total contestants: 21 technicians.
    Total dealers: 19.
    The winner was: Matias Daniel Martinez from Pinamar Motos.

    The contest had three different stages for technicians.

    First Stage: The contest had three different stages for technicians.
    Second Stage: 9 contestants were rotated between three different workstations: Engine measurement, general service and Use of FI Diagnostic Tool. The top three from this stage went through to the final stage.
    Final Stage: In this stage there were two different steps: CCS and FZ FI Troubleshooting.


  • Written Exam: This written test evaluates contestents' Silver Level concepts, product knowledge, and general knowledge regarding customer service.
    Duration: 60 minutes.
  • CCS: In 10 minutes, the three finalists demonstrate correct reception and delivery.
  • Engine Measurement: Perform measurements on an FZ 16 engine and diagnose the engine's condition.
  • General Service & Troubleshooting: In the second stage, participants undertake some points of general service, and, in the final stage, FZ FI troubleshooting.



Name: Matias Daniel Martinez
Dealer: Pinamar Motos
Working experience at Yamaha: 8 years

  • Photo with colleague
  • Pinamar Motos
  • Riding my ATV
  • Me and my family
What motivated you to take up the WTGP challenge?
A lot of things encourage me to enter the WTGP. The main thing was the a personal goal of gaining prestige in my job as a technician.
Another reason was the fact of knowing and comparing my level with other technicians through the competition. And last but not least, it promised to give me a better vision of the product.
What effort did you make to win the National Contest?
To be able to win the prize, I had to undertake the Bronze and Silver courses given by Yamaha, and study all the booklets.
The biggest effort I had to put in during the competition was for the final exam. Being able to stay focused and keep calm while I was working under pressure repairing the motorcycle was a real challenge.
Let us know the activities or services your shop is doing to go beyond the expectations of the customers, if any.
After I won the contest, dealers got to know about it, news of it spread through social media, and people got to see my diploma and prize. A lot of clients congratulated me and were proud of having me as the dealer they had chosen to take care of their vehicles. They also recommended me to others, which brought in new clients.
Another result I have noticed is that new clients are more trusting and willing to leave their vehicles with me for servicing.
In addition, winning the prize allowed me to share my knowledge with my co-workers and be able to work with a qualified team.
When do you find your job rewarding?
In the dealer shop, we like to give customized attention, taking care of details, listening to customers' needs and trying to do everything possible for customers to leave satisfied.
Taking the courses and learning step-by-step gave me the chance to offer service of excellence, and that's the main plus for our clients.
What are your aspirations for the 2016 WTGP?
I will do my best for being a champion at WTGP2016.