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e-plegona Created by the Two Yamahas Wins Red Dot Award - Awarded in design concept category for the first time in five years since 2019 -

June 25, 2024

IWATA and HAMAMATSU, June 25, 2024 - Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Yamaha Corporation are pleased to announce that their co-created experiential installation (an interactive artwork) called "e-plegona" has won the prestigious international design award "Red Dot Design Award Design Concept 2024." This is the third product in two categories to win the Red Dot Award in 2024, following the product design awards for the MT-09 motorcycle and the XMAX300 scooter.

The "e-plegona" is an installation created by the research department of Yamaha Motor and both design departments in collaboration with research partner Dr. Mark Changizi and the Shinsuke Shimojo Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology, based on their research into Kando* experiences. The installation has two people experience it at the same time, with players repeatedly communicating to each other through non-verbal and intuitive means. Based on the results of our unique research combining science and art together with our research partners, this experimental prototype artificially stirs the emotions with non-verbal, intuitive communication to produce a connected vibe between people like jazz improvisation or the same sense of connection people often feel toward musical instruments or motorcycles in order to simulate experiences of Kando*.

This installation is exhibited at "South by Southwest 2023" (Austin, Texas, USA), one of the Europe's largest innovation festivals "" (Berlin, Germany) and the innovation-themed technology conference "Tech Open Air Festival" (Berlin, Germany).

*Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.


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