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Yamaha Motor to Participate in the JISSO PROTEC 2024 - Showcasing Perfect Fit Automation and a concept model for unmanned SMT production -

May 30, 2024

IWATA, May 30, 2024 - Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) is pleased to announce that it will exhibit various products and services under the new concept Perfect Fit Automation for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) at the comprehensive exhibition of electronic component mounting technology, JISSO PROTEC 2024 (organized by the Japan Robot Industry Association), to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 12th (Wednesday) to June 14th (Friday).
Perfect Fit Automation is a concept that proposes optimal automation tailored to customer's site conditions across all processes of the SMT production process, from upstream to downstream. By providing automation proposals for each process, Yamaha Motor aims to realize a smart factory that optimizes the entire facility by appropriately integrating a variety of equipment and systems, thus achieving the embodiment of a smart factory.
The Yamaha Motor booth will showcase specific examples embodying the Perfect Fit Automation concept, including a vision of future production floors that achieve long hours of unmanned and uninterrupted operation. The company will also introduce its long-standing proposal of a high-efficiency, high-quality production line through the 1stop Smart Solution.
JISSO PROTEC 2024 - Yamaha Booth (Image)

<Innovation Concept - Perfect Fit Automation>
In recent times, with trends towards miniaturization, high-density, increased functionality, and diversification, product cycles in manufacturing have accelerated. From high-speed mass production to high-mix low-volume production, spanning applications from automotive electronics to household appliances, computers, and mobile phones, the demands on SMT production equipment vary widely among customers.
Especially in large-scale production environments, where specialists manage SMT production processes individually and a variety of production equipment from multiple manufacturers coexist, seamless integration and optimization are crucial. Yamaha Motor offers a lineup of key equipment and systems for SMT production floors, providing optimal automation proposals tailored to each process based on individual circumstances. This approach has now been re-defined as Perfect Fit Automation.
In contrast, in small to medium-sized production sites where labor reduction and skill simplification are strongly demanded, Yamaha Motor promotes the conventional '1stop Smart Solution' concept of achieving advanced production with our full product lineup. The company aims to create highly efficient implementation factories, termed 'Intelligent Factories,' characterized by 'non-stop,' 'zero defects,' and 'operator-free' operations.

<Booth Overview>
(1) Perfect Fit Automation Corner - Experience Reduced Steps and Automation Solutions in Each SMT Process
Here, the company explains its new SMT concept, Perfect Fit Automation, with specific examples. Across the six processes of SMT production - from production planning and data creation to production preparation, in-production, troubleshooting, maintenance, and inspection - Yamaha Motor proposes solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing equipment and systems, regardless of production scale. This enables optimal automation and autonomy for customers, addressing challenges in production processes to optimize the entire production system and contribute to increased profitability. Yamaha's extensive range of key equipment in SMT production allows for product selection tailored to various environments and conditions.

(2) SMT Production Floor Automation Concept Exhibition - Towards Unmanned SMT Production Floors with a Focus on Parts Replenishment
Yamaha Motor highlights a glimpse of the future envisioned by Perfect Fit Automation. Using Automation Mounter for automatic components replenishment, Delivery Station which pre-stores feeders with scheduled components and automatically retrieves the next feeder needed for replenishment, and Changer for feeder transport and exchange operations (all shown for reference), Yamaha proposes solutions aimed at automating the most labor-intensive components replenishment tasks on SMT production floors. This ensures uninterrupted lines with no delays due to components replenishment issues.

(3) 1 Stop Smart Solution (New Generation YR Series) Line Exhibition - Lineup Reaching the Summit
Our long-standing 1stop Smart Solution leverages a wide range of our products such as surface mounter, solder-paste printer, dispenser, inspection system, etc., facilitating smooth and advanced inter-device cooperation without black boxes. This comprehensive approach achieves high efficiency in SMT production processes. We will showcase concrete examples of the Intelligent Factory realized with our product line, featuring premium printers like YRP10, premium high-efficiency modular YRM20 x2, and 3D hybrid optical inspection system YRi-V.

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