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YMUS National Technician Grand Prix, held every two years. It is the first competition to be held a the Yamaha Motorsports Dealer meeting at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.
Six Yamaha dealership technicians are competing head-to-head to see who will represent the U.S.A. at Yamaha’s World Technician Grand Prix in 2014 at the company’s world headquarters in Iwata, Japan These six finalist are the “Top Techs” from the fall 2011 through the spring 2013 period of classes consisting of 16 YTA gold classes, 160 students.
Winner is Mr. David Speeks of Houston Motorsport.

Contest event

June 11-12/2013 : Written examination (1Hr), 6 Practical skill tests (1Hr/ 1Test)

Yamaha created a complete dealership workshop on the show floor and each contestant had one hour to complete each individual test. The six practical skill tests included Service Reception using a 2014 Bolt from Star Motorcycles, Routine Service with a 2013 YZF-R6, Head Gasket Replacement with a 2013 YZ450F, No Start with a 2013 Super Ténéré, Hard Steering using a 2013 Grizzly 450, and Electrical Troubleshooting on a 2013 Star Raider SCL.

  • Electrical Troubleshooting on a 2013 Star Raider SCL

  • Head Gasket Replacement with a 2013 YZ450F

  • Hard Steering using a 2013 Grizzly 450

  • A complete dealership workshop on the show floor

USA Representative

Second place last time? that’s just a history! The USA, the future!!

David Speeks

(Working experience : 24 Years)

Houston Motorsport
The opportunity to participate as a contestant in the Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix is an honor. I have been in the industry for almost thirty years and appreciate that the WTGP recognizes the most skilled and dedicated technicians in the world. I am excited to have the privilege of representing Yamaha Motor Corporation USA and my dealership, Houston Yamaha MotorSports. The WTGP recognizes exceptional performance. Yamaha’s extensive focus on technicians shows how highly dedicated Yamaha is to constantly improving their products and services. Participating in the WTGP will give me the opportunity to exhibit my extensive skills and confidence. As a long-time technician, I am always striving to expand my knowledge of all things mechanical. My career as a technician has afforded me the ability to have a job that coincides with my hobbies. I look forward to the challenges that YMC will create for its competitors and the possibility of expanding my relationship with Yamaha Motor Corporation.
My Dream
Considering my admiration for Internal Combustion Engines; I would love to be involved with engine research and development.
  • With my shop colleagues

  • At the showroom

  • Enjoying off-road riding!!

  • With family