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Eight of the best Technicians were selected from Australia & New Zealand Yamaha 100 Technicians by preliminary contest of online examined to compete in the 2013 Oceania Technicians Grand Prix.
The Technicians GP has been held at Yamaha Motor Australia Training Center on 23 Oct, 2013.
Winner is Mr. Jeremy Read of Filco Farm & Sport NZ

Contest event

The contest consist of eight practical tasks as per twenty five minute. The tasks are always based on anything we have completed in training over the last 2 years and also on basic skills. It is a gruelling contest stretching the technician’s knowledge and abilities. It is always a close outcome between the competitors which is a testament to their skills.

  • Checking plasti-gauge clearance measurement on a XP500.

  • Setting up 4WD motor & checking backlash on YFM550FA

  • Using the Yamaha Diagnostic Tool to diagnose a fault with a WR450F.

  • Using the Yamaha Diagnostic Tool on an FJR1300AP.

Oceania Representative

“Kiwi technician” from New Zealand!! try to get the King!!

Jeremy Read

(Working experience : 24 Years)

Filco Farm & Sport NZ
I feel very proud and incredibly privileged to be able to compete at the Yamaha WTGP. Competition aside, it is a great opportunity to meet other people from within the industry and from other countries, to compare and share ideas.
I am looking forward to testing my skills and abilities. Overall I am just looking to enjoy the experience and represent Yamaha Oceania as best I can.
My Dream
I would like to progress within the motorcycle industry. Perhaps to employment within Yamaha Motor, I have a keen interest in the R-Max helicopter and would enjoy the opportunity to be involved with this.
Who knows what the future holds.
  • All of dealer staff

  • Relaxing time!

  • With family

  • In the dealership