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On 2/June/2014 was the grand finale of the 5th edition of the "National Technician Grand Prix" in Brazil.
Winner is Mr. Guilherme Schulz of Douramoto

Contest event

  • The contest was divided into two selective steps, the first being through a review "online" on the website of Yamaha University (www.universidadeyamaha.com.br). There were 321 entries from 22 states across Brazil.
  • For the second stage of the contest, we ranked the 24 best technicians due the performance in the Web test. They were evaluated in four different theorist evidence, with equivalent technical level that's applied in our headquarters in Japan; proof of trouble diagnosis, using the newly launched Crosser model 150cc; and proof of "After service procedure", which evaluated the customers reception, Service Order, Periodic maintenance and technical service delivery.
  • Written exam

  • Customer Service

  • Trouble diagnostics

  • Organized YRA as the part of technician’s skill up

Brazil Representative

This is real world cup for Seleção Brasileira!! Shoot for the top!!

Guilherme Schulz

(Working experience : 23 Years)

It is with immense pleasure and affection that I write these few words. I appreciate the opportunity to be these days with everyone who participated, directly and indirectly to the realization of this contest. It was an event of great importance for the entire dealership network and mainly from dealers who had their collaborators in the final. For me then, I have no words to say thanks... Thank you all, do not want to mention names, not to be unfair to anyone, but would like to show all my achievement in having won this contest, the prize is ours. I will seek to develop the best of my ability to represent all Brazilian technicians in Japan and to reciprocate the affection of all.
My Dream
My dream is to always be near of my family while doing what I love, always do good, seek always enhance the knowledge and have the opportunity to always serve. The future will be better than today, with the search for new knowledge, improving more and correcting errors of today.
  • All of dealer staff

  • workshop

  • With family

  • Our customer at dealer