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Contest Outline

“One to One Service” Creating the Best relationship with each customer
We at YAMAHA Service Division have been keeping direction of “One to One Service” to realize Customer Satisfaction, focusing on a professional tech skills, job explanation and special care treatment for customer. YTA (Yamaha Technical Academy) is our main education program which we have established in world wide Yamaha Service Network. In this time, the 6thYAMAHA World Technician GP is to continue leading higher level of YAMAHA YTA Technician who daily perform “One to One Service” with each customer.

As this is the first contest to be held by the CS Center, we improved the competition by including the element of “Time Commitment Service” based on “maintenance knowledge, trouble shooting and customer relation” from the viewpoint of customer contact points.

After Yamaha product is passed to a customer, who maintain confidence and trust are the Yamaha technicians. Please realize the technique and spirit of those 20 top technicians that get through the preliminaries.

30th September, and 1st October, 2014
YTA Global Training Center,
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan)
WTGP Committee Members
Chairperson : Hiroyuki Yanagi, President of YMC
Vice-Chairperson : Nobuya Hideshima, Director and Managing Executive Officer,Chief General Manager of CS Center
WTGP responsible : Kouichi Masuda, Senior General Manager, After Sales Section, CS Center
Yoshikazu Morita, Service Div GM, AS Section
Kouichi Hata, CS Planning Div GM, CS Center
Hiromu Murata, Marketing Div GM, AS Section
WTGP operative & administrative : WTGP members in Service, Marketing, and CS Planning Division
WTGP Competition participants
Winners of the National Technician Grand Prix in each country except
the person who has participated to WTGP.
WTGP competition contents
  1. Technical knowledge: Written exam. Updated technical, product, and genuine parts knowledge for Servicing
  2. Basic maintenance skill : Practical exam. Efficient job with accuracy and speed for maintenance (disassembly, assembly, adjustment, and measurement, etc.)
  3. Technical skill : Practical exam. Trouble shooting and proper repair on updated technical & of FI system
  4. Customer relation : Interaction with customer at a service facility, and mentioning importance of genuine parts
WTGP competition class
Sport Model Class and Commuter/Business Model Class