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What is YTA

The Yamaha Motor group's global education and training program for motorcycle mechanics. With the goal of "offering customers around the world value that exceeds expectations through high-level service," the content and standards of education and training programs that had been developed specifically to each country were reorganized and brought together into one global, unified education system (materials, curriculum, certification standards, etc.) and implemented in 2000. As of 2013, the number of YTA-trained and certified mechanics stands at approximately 33,000. Contests are held in each country for certified mechanics and the winners are brought together to compete in the Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix.

Moving You

Moving You|Vol.3

A smile seeing off another's smile. The skill and pride of a mechanic

The spirit of "One-to-One Service" is about creating and strengthening the bonds with each and every customer. It is the guideline and mindset shared by all Yamaha motorcycle mechanics around the world. Having been crowned world champion and returning to his home country of Vietnam in triumph, this man was also an embodiment of "One-to-One Service."

News Release

October 31, 2012
Results of the 5th Yamaha World Technician GP 2012
November 6, 2007
21 Yamaha motorcycle service technicians from 17 countries worldwide compete in 4th "YAMAHA World Technician Grand Prix 2007"
October 25, 2005
21 Yamaha motorcycle service technicians from 17 countries worldwide compete in "YAMAHA World Technician Grand Prix 2005"
October 08, 2003
Yamaha service technicians brought together from 19 countries (20 competitors and 18 distributor representatives) Yamaha Motorcycle Service Technicians World Competition "Yamaha World Technician GP 2003"
April 16, 2002
Yamaha World Technician GP 2002 Yamaha service technicians from 11 countries compete with all-around service skills