Yamaha Motor Vietnam (YMVN)


Tran Thi Thanh

Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd., established on 24th January 1998, develops, produces and manufactures a variety of motorcycle products, ranging from the 115cc class to the 135cc class catering mainly for young customers at the age range of18 to 35. YMVN's story has been taken as an archetype of the new manufacturer entering a new market already occupied by highly dominant competitors. At that time, 99% of interviewees in Vietnam responded "I have never heard of Yamaha"; although some said they had heard of Yamaha organs only. However, at its peak in 2011, YMVN manufactured almost one million motorcycles annually and reached 30% of market share. The story of their market entry and their subsequent huge success in Vietnam has led to the study of their differentiated product strategy which is totally different to the competitors’ more mainstream approach.

  • Network system
    YMVN’s success in the domestic marketplace is the result of the trust and support received from its dealer network. Since establishment with only 23 dealerships nationwide, now YMVN have more than 500 “Yamaha Town” dealers in all provinces, creating a reliable channel to deliver top-level quality to customers. YMVN’s network is known as one of Yamaha Group’s largest and best showroom concepts in the world.

  • Manufacturing
    YMVN have created a flexible manufacturing system that enables the company to quickly and efficiently adjust to market demand while maximizing capacity, which in turn helps to provide a stable production base for dealers.

  • Employment
    YMVN have evolved into a company that directly employs more than 6,000 Vietnamese and associates, working across all sectors—sales and service, manufacturing, research and development, engineering, and finance.

  • Safety
    YMVN focuses on developing enhanced levels of protection for all road users, including drivers and passengers as well as the occupants of other vehicles and pedestrians, especially the younger generation, through advanced testing activities named Yamaha Safety Riding Science (YSRS) .

  • Sponsorship & Event
    YMVN focuses on Young & Sporty DNA as its sponsorship priority via various programs related to sporting activities. “For the Future of Vietnam Football” was established in 2007 to lead the untiring effort for a healthy and self-sufficient society, creating a useful and wholesome playing field for kids in summer time and seek out new talent for the Vietnam football team.

  • Y-rider activity
    Y-rider Community is an independent hobby club that gathers all Yamaha lovers together and nurtures new ones. Each province has its own team with a state manager to ensure the riders are surrounded by the right people and getting good advice both on and off the track. YMVN gives Y-riders the chance to train, as well as join all company social events.