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Alexander Filimonov

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Yamaha Motor CIS was established in April 2005 as the official exclusive distributor of Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd. in the Russian Federation. From the very first steps we made in the Russian market we put all of our efforts into implementing Yamaha’s philosophy of targeting maximum customer satisfaction and Kando creation.
YMCIS started business from creating a good, reliable dealer network. Russia is a very big country with huge possibilities for customers to enjoy Yamaha products all year round. It allows Yamaha to be a step ahead of the competition. Our Yamaha dealers can do business over four seasons without interruption. Yamaha can provide the best products for each season. That is why we chose a mono brand dealer development strategy in Russia. These days our complete dealer network of 78 dealers and 128 showrooms is exclusively Yamaha.
YMCIS is distributing such Yamaha products as outboard motors, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, generators and personal water crafts. The company turnover has increased 3 fold from when it started in 2006.
The main products for the Russian market are snowmobiles and outboard motors. These two products are now contributing almost 70% of YMCIS turnover. A remarkable fact is that these two products’ sales are constantly growing year by year.
From the very beginning we started to integrate the market by widely promoting the Yamaha brand with advertisements, PR, and exhibitions. We were the first in the market to organize test-drives for customers and the media. Then we started extensive YRA(Yamaha Riding Academy) activities, which today covers– MC, ATV, SMB, and marine products.
At YMCIS, we are putting all our efforts in to creating as much Kando as possible in the Russian market.

  • From its very beginning, YMCIS has participated in the major marine and motorcycle exhibitions in Russia. The initial goal was to firmly establish the Yamaha brand in the market, and in recent years to increase the sales of our dealers, and find new customers.

  • We promote safe riding, and we are sure that it leads to more customer satisfaction, and as a result – sales growth. From the moment of the company’s foundation, YMCIS has been organizing YRA’s annually. Right now we have certified instructors all over Russia. Each year many customers learn the basics of riding safely.

  • We want to differentiate from the “techs and specs” approach for our customers via the media. Yamaha is a Kando creating company, opening a new world of adventure for our customers. That’s why instead of test-drives we are organizing “Yamaha Challenge” events for the media, and promoting that approach to our dealers. We find the most beautiful places in Russia and abroad, and create challenging routes - that bring a new zest for life to people.

  • Since the establishment of YMCIS, at the end of each year, Dealer Meeting is held. During this event we share results from the current year and make plans for the future.