Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd.(YMC)


M. Suzuki

The Yamaha Motor Company was founded in 1955 as an entity apart from the Yamaha Corporation, and currently has approximately 10,000 employees engaged in research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and management divisions. Apart from its motorcycle and marine businesses etc., which have global scale, Yamaha Motor also has businesses involved in electrically power-assisted bicycles and pools etc. in Japan. It also takes many initiatives in the sporting arena, and its rugby team in particular is in the top class of Japanese domestic teams.

  • The MT-07 is currently in full-scale production at the Japanese headquarters factory. We hope to have it to our European counterparts soon.

  • A variety of Yamaha products used all over the world are on show at the Communication Plaza alongside the company headquarters. Please have a look through when you visit YMC.

  • On November 24 and 25 2013, Group company Global Brand Ambassadors gathered for a Global Brand Meeting. We are spreading the ‘Revs your Heart’ message worldwide!

  • The MOTIV compact four-wheeler (currently in research and development) was a big hit at the Tokyo Motor Show! The manager of this research project is in fact also a leader in man-powered aircraft. They have formed a volunteering team within the company, and are looking to break world records.

  • President Yanagi also tries out our key models on the test circuit! (Photographed 2011)

  • Lunch today is chicken teriyaki. 650 kilocalories. The 'Health Support Menu' is an everyday feature, and is healthy and very popular. Power your afternoon's work!

  • We have been involved with initiatives for the breeding and conservation of the endangered loggerhead turtle (Japanese: Akaumigame) for over 20 years. Every year, large numbers of staff members and their families take part in seashore cleaning and activities that lead to the preservation of baby sea turtles.