"Pursuing the Unique Style of Yamaha", "Breaking out of Our Current Norms" - Changes to Monozukuri* & Changes to the Way We Work, Transforming the Company

*engineering, manufacturing and marketing

2015 has begun. For Yamaha Motor, 2015 is the final year of the current medium-term management plan, as well as the year for stepping up to the next medium-term plan.
This page gives a summary of President's New Year speech at the New Year opening ceremony on January 6.

President Yanagi

Happy New Year!
Since its founding in 1887 as the musical instrument brand, the Yamaha brand is now 128 years old. In its long history, this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Yamaha Motor group. I would like to take this opportunity to speak about the Company's aspirations for the next phase of its history.

Feeling the spirit of Revs your Heart in many sites

In 2014, we launched many new products onto global markets. 60% of the 250 models included in the current medium-term plan have been released by 2014, and the remainder will be introduced in 2015.

Each product forms a wonderful statement to our customers of the unique style of Yamaha, each conveying the passion we pour into our products in a fresh form. On the sales front, we can see how our staff are taking the attitude of not simply repeating past ways, but working diligently to levels above and beyond everyone’s expectations, maximizing the fruits of their passion. I myself have felt the spirit of Revs your Heart in many sites. I would like to continue this experience together with you all.

Pursuing the unique style of Yamaha

Many examples of success have been born through such wonderful work. In the motorcycle business, we have begun launching platform models and global models onto the market. In developed markets, distinctive series such as the MT, MAX, R, and YZ, and in developing nations, the next-generation "Blue Core" engine etc. are enhancing our brand value. I would like this year to become a turning point for income improvement. In the marine business, we continue to make great strides in global markets. By establishing strong bonds of trust with our customers, this has become a highly-profitable business. As a business model that is the subject of much attention, I would like to see progress on further growth and reforms in this business segment. In the Recreational Vehicle business, we have continued to launch new models into the recreational off-highway vehicle and snowmobile lineups, working on restoring our market presence. I would like this year to become a turning point for income improvement for this business segment. In the Smart Power Vehicle business, PAS (Electrically Power Assisted Bicycles) have made rapid progress and the "Green Core" next-generation drive unit has been launched onto the market, marking the first release of EVs that deliver both performance and cost. As a business model that is the subject of much attention, I would like to see further customer growth in this business segment. In the Intelligent Machinery business, we have continued the market launch of high-speed surface mounters and business acquisitions. I would like this business segment to move to the next stage, including a new production structure. In each of the Automobile Engines, Power Products, UMS (Unmanned System), pool, and Overseas Market Development Operation businesses, growth strategies are advancing and leading to results. As a business segment with a unique business model, I would like to see growth strategies undertaken here. Additionally, this year saw the launch of the "TRICITY" leaning multi wheeler, which offers a new kind of mobility. For the second year of the leaning multi wheeler category, I would like to see the building of the growth platform continue. Finally, 2014 saw the beginning of the "Time Commitment Service" initiative, which aims to have customers around the world feel "I'm glad I chose Yamaha, I'd choose Yamaha again". I would like this service to be expanded from developing markets to developed markets.

Of course, there have been less successful examples as well. However, there is no need to fear failure. When results are not good, make revisions quickly and link that to your next endeavor. And work on further enhancing cases where results are good, that is, examples of success.

This particularly involves pursuing and enhancing the unique style of Yamaha – which is formed of aspects that would lead us to achieve competitive advantage through our products – in all of our processes, including planning, development, production and sale of products. We believe that talking through, thinking through, and then following through on this is an integral part of true Monozukuri.

Converting the unique style of Yamaha to engineering, products, and the way we do our work

This year, we will continue to emphasize the pursuit and enhancement of four aspects of the unique style of Yamaha.
The first is originality. While developing optimal control technology for power sources, vehicle bodies, boats, and airframes, Yamaha has presented original concepts through innovative new combinations of them. In the future, we will create and convey value through new innovations based on market and customer observation and study.

The second is technology. While honing our core high-performance, lightweight, fuel-efficient, and compact technologies, we strive to give shape to our passion to exceed customer expectations by blending logic and emotion in our products. We also carefully select from core technologies that will maximize customer satisfaction and trust, and set ourselves lofty targets.

The third is design. Yamaha has always emphasized distinctive design features such as original styling, attention to detail, and fresh coloring, which have captured the public's attention. We will further incorporate shapes and quality which create an alluring presence, fascinating our customers while expressing and developing Refined Dynamism.

The fourth is connections. By delivering truly Yamaha products, we aim to create strong connections with customers. In every point of engagement, be it at first contact with Yamaha, or before purchase, at the moment of purchase, and after purchase of a Yamaha product, we will work to convey our passion, generating excitement among our customers that is the ultimate in Kando experience, creating lifelong connections.

These four aspects of the unique style of Yamaha will be translated into specific words, and those words then converted into technology, products, and the way we do our work. We believe that the unique style of Yamaha will become more apparent and easy to understand then, and our energies focused on it.

In 2015, we will obtain the maximum benefits from the current medium-term plan, and step up to the next medium-term plan. Of course, the major players in these changes are everyone working here with us. From protecting your work, to revitalizing it, and to further creating new value. All of us should push ourselves to higher things, and put Revs your Heart into action. As a company, we would like to create many opportunities for all of our staff to fulfill their potential.