Spreading “Revs your Heart” across all Yamaha Motor group companies

Various activities are being carried out at our group companies in order to spread Yamaha Motor’s brand slogan “Revs your Heart”. Here, we will introduce reports from people in charge of brand activities of our group companies.


Rob Trester

YMUS has focused on spreading the ‘Revs your Heart’ message across the U.S. market and to all customer segments.
Communication activities included a large introduction at last year’s Motorsports Dealer Meeting and have expanded throughout 2014 by every product group to get the message to our multiple dealers & customers.
As part of these efforts, our Marine Group created a new branding display for the Miami International Boat Show. This unique display combined the ‘Revs your Heart” logo, the Brand Statement and lifestyle photos of customers enjoying Yamaha’s wide variety of products worldwide.


Tim Kennedy

Consumer demonstration rides (demos) are critical to YMCA’s marketing, promotional and branding strategy. Yamaha’s unique products make it more difficult to provide a demo than an automotive manufacturer, so it’s important to bring the experience to the dealer and consumer. Demos also offer the opportunity to try the superior ride and engineering of a Yamaha in a safe and controlled environment. Dealers are imperative to the experience. As such, it’s mandatory that participating dealers provide, staff, units, and have a promotional plan to fully optimize each event. YMCA supports with trained staff, a decaled truck, tents, flags and promotional giveaways.

◎YMDB (Brazil)

Ricardo Tedesco

“In 2014 Brazil hosted the most important event of soccer in the world.For Brazilians this was a great emotion, since soccer is our main sport.Thinking about that, YMDB decided to use this event to make a link with our slogan “Revs your Heart” and during the World Cup we asked the employees to take pictures of moments that revved their hearts during the games, and post them on social medias using
We received many pictures and the best four pictures of each Brazil´s game won
Yamaha´s kits.

◎YMMEX (Mexico)

Michael Lewis

We have conducted our branding survey and the main problem we have is employee engagement, reason why we are currently creating small focused groups to talk about Yamaha and the importance of loving our Brand, not only due to its rich history but as well as our racing DNA.
We must let our staff know why we create KANDO and how we do it, in order to be able to pass this feeling to our dealers.
We began by joining one of our big bike track day (marketing team) in which we took part as customers and lived an unforgettable riding experience on the Yamaha R1.
For the next week, I will take again the marketing team to an off- road experience on the YZ 250f, in order to understand their feedback and request authorization in order to do this kind of event to our top and middle management, including key persons in YMMEX.
We have a long way to travel and will focus this year on our staff, "we make the cool aid
but not drink it", we need our commercial teams to understand what is KANDO.

◎INCOLMOTOS (Colombia)

Marcela Hoyos

Mauricio Velez

In April 2014 Jorge Lorenzo made an incredible visit to the Incolmotos Yamaha headquarters in Girardota, Colombia. He received a warming welcome of 1,000 employees. During the day, Lorenzo had a press conference and also undertook an autograph session in a local shopping center.
Next day Lorenzo took part on the Yamaha Racing Day at the most important circuit in Colombia; the event was full of fans, over 10,000 persons including dealers, journalists and clubs, he revs them Hearts with the visit. Lorenzo rode the new MT-07 in a demonstration full of excitement and Kando.

◎YMENV (The Netherlands)

Paolo Pavesio

From November 4th to 9th 2014, EICMA has been the center of global motorcycle passion, with more than 600.000 visitors (+18%) and Yamaha has been the leading brand of the events.
New products as the R1, MT-09 Tracer and TMAX, our 1.200 sqm overcrowded booth and the MotoGP race live broadcasted really have revved many customers’ hearts.
The Revs your Heart logo was also strongly exposed at November 3rd Press Conference,
When Yanagi-san, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo presented the new R1.
The event was followed on live streaming by more than 300.000 persons al around the world, and it is still visible on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQgJ79WYcAc

◎YMCIS (Russia)

Alexander Filimonov

Over a period of 5 years, YMCIS (Russia) is issuing product lines AD-catalogues comprising products descriptions, images, available colors, latest accessories and parts collection, detailed technical features list.
Starting 2014 YMCIS Marketing communication group decided to reduce corporate ad-printing expenses and at the same time, make bounds of Yamaha accessibility via internet wider, increase Yamaha products and brand recognizability.
Primarily such applications conceived exactly for tablet format and the ios operation system. Currently after 6 successful releases, YMCIS directed at similar applications for Android.
The IPAD catalogues of Yamaha products is the applications for tablet pc available for free downloading in APP Store.
Each application is dedicated to a certain product line such as MC, ATV/SSV/ROV, WV, OBM, GE, SMB, and released sequentially.
Also IPAD versions are fully replicated printed issues, can be viewed in horizontal and vertical texturing and complemented with product movies. Each IPAD catalogue layout has the ‘Revs your Heart’ model, history section and brief introduction text.


Laurie Carlton

Darryl Lovegrove(YMNZ)

Earlier in the year YMA staff put the Grizzly and Viking through their paces at the Eastern Creek 4WD track. The day was designed as a hands-on experience for staff to Rev their Hearts about the ATV and ROV category.
ATV and ROV safety expert Rod Jenner was on hand to provide in-depth rider training, equipping all with proper riding technique.
The day was a great success and all who attended gained a wealth of knowledge and sparked enthusiasm for the category.

◎YIMM (Indonesia)

Hendri Wijaya

The JAKARTA FAIR is one of biggest exhibition event in Indonesia, routinely every year held by the Jakarta City Municipal. Start from 6 June - 7 July 2014 (one month duration). 2,600 companies across industries join the event, attract more than 400,000 visitors. This year Yamaha Indonesia’s theme is "Revs Station", we want to make each visitors feel the "Revs your Heart" experience when visiting the Yamaha exhibition booth. The experience exist thru: the UNIQUE VENUE DESIGN (Futuristic, Flowing motion, stylish), ATTRACTING DISPLAY (CBU Model R1, R6, R25, R15, Dynotest corner, Revs corner, Yamaha Music Corner, Modification Corner) & EXCITING ACTIVITIES (Meet & Greet with Revs station Movie PIC, Revs Contest, Entertainment collaboration with Yamaha Music). Achievement figures of Yamaha Exhibition at Jakarta fair: 30,000 visitors, 4,100 unit sales, Apparel & Accessories Sales Amount of USD 50,000.


Ryan Jude Camus

This video was made to elaborate how “Revs your Heart” is an encompassing theme that we share with our customers, dealers and fellow employees.
We showcase hard work and dedication in creating innovative creations.
We form values that surpass customer satisfaction, establish a corporate environment that elevates staff esteem, and we fulfill social responsibilities globally.
Our commitment to perform beyond expectations will be accomplished by working as one; as a unit and a community that strives to realize dreams with ingenuity and passion.
We offer new excitement and a fulfilling life; we are Yamaha Motor Philippines, we Rev your Heart.

◎TYM (Thailand)

Soungsuda Manasboonperm

Jirabhat Saipetch

In March 2014, Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has organized many activities to thank customers and Thai society to celebrate the 50th Anniversary year included to has authored "Rev" song which is meant the challenging and revving spirit in everyone’s hearts, and also created ‘Rev’ line sticker in Line application which design inspired from the 'Rev Crews' characters with Yamaha motorcycles. They could be downloaded for free and they’ve been promoted both internally and through online communication to the public to give customers the opportunity to celebrate together with Yamaha.

◎YMVN (Vietnam)

Bui Thi Huong

For YMVN, the story of setting up the Branding Committee is so memorable. Because 1 year ago, many members in Committee felt unfamiliar with the concept of “Branding”. But now, more than 20 persons (with Title of Manager & Staff) are willing to do Branding Activities anywhere, anytime.
Only 4 months after setting, Branding Committee achieved first success, that’s training Internal Branding for more than 6,300 employees & 200 dealers in whole country. The training courses brought exciting experiences for both trainers and trainees. After training, almost employees feel LOVE Yamaha company, full enthusiasm for more contributions for our Yamaha Brand.


Yury Panteleev

“Yamaha Connexxions” is the quarterly internal newsletter for employees of Yamaha Motor Group Companies in India. The newsletter, published in English and Hindi language, captures all the exciting internal & external events conducted by the group companies as well as company & employee achievements of the previous quarter. This is a good communication tool to strengthen the “Yamaha” Brand connect with all the employees of the Yamaha Motor Group Companies in India. In 2014, the newsletter layout has been revamped by integrating the new brand slogan “Revs Your Heart” and bringing in quantitative and qualitative changes in the content of the newsletter. In 2015, the concept will be extended to cover the company dealers & vendors as well.

◎YMT (Taiwan)

Chen, Chungchih

Yearly Brand advertising started from May.
We made 4 kinds of "RyH" poster to put up in office and factory, and made brand book which is provided to employees in Training time. Employees can understand the meaning of Revs your Heart more by these brand tool.

◎YMCN (China)

Jiang, Min

Zhu, Lin

We operate philosophy more than a company!
We offer excellent quality of life more than products!
We not only service users more to be touched by the users!
Galloping on the vast land, swimming in the blue sky,
let note across your finger tips! Revs your heart!

◎YMSJ (Japan)

Shigekazu Inoshita

YMSJ held a competition open to all staff to incorporate their opinions and suggestions for initiatives regarding the brand slogan. From a total of 314 entries, the best ten were selected to receive awards, were shared internally, and initiatives based on them were rolled out. We are promoting activities so that all staff make “Revs your Heart” a reality in their work every day.