Motor Sports World: Rally


The world of rally is recreated in papercraft!

In following the theme of the circuit racing, this edition of the Motor Sports World offers the world of rallying, where people and machines challenge a vast wilderness under the harshest conditions.
Drivers on their machine conquer the wild terrain with no leveled roads. Off-road racing (rallying) fascinates people who are drawn to the smell of earth, probably because it is truly inspiring to see the way these drivers overcome obstacles with the accumulation of instant judgments made as the situation demands, with imagination and courage as their weapons, bringing home to us the vitality of life itself.

The allure of rallying derives from the way it proves the vitality of human life based on imagination and courage in the face of a challenging adventure. It also lies in tough machines themselves.

Motor Sports World: Rallying embodies the timeless allure of rallying beyond the differences of place and time, using the two machines as its motifs.

The XTZ850R is a production rally bike which Yamaha Motor used in the 1995 Paris-Dakar Rally, well known as an adventure rally. Racing through a desert, the XTZ850R has left a strong impression on the fans as a legend with its distinctive look.

Today, it is the four-stroke motocross bike YZ450F that has become Yamaha Motor’s flagship model for off-road racing.

The XTZ850R and the YZ450F racing through dunes and the wilderness represent the past and the present. Please enjoy making your own papercraft model of the two machines that have conquered any and all conditions, with a passion for adventure in your heart.

The Machines


The XTZ850R is a rally motorcycle that was developed using the 2-cylinder engine from the TDM850 road sports motorcycle as its base power unit. It is also a production-based model with equipment and performance of such quality as to enter the Dakar Rally in stock form.


The YZ450F is a production four-stroke motocross bike that incorporates various innovative technologies. It is the base model for the machine that won the Motocross World Championship four times in a row between 2003 and 2006, with Stefan Everts as the rider. In addition, theYZ450F also won numerous titles in AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross Championships held in North America.

Detail: Complete model images


Width:900mm Depth:700mm Height:860mm


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Download: Parts data & Instructions

You can download A4-size PDF files divided into A, B, and C blocks.

A Block: XTZ850R - Machine
  • Parts data

    A Block: XTZ850R - Machine parts download A4 42 sheet
    PDF file (15.6MB)
  • Assembly Instructions

    A Block: XTZ850R - Machine assembly Instructions download A4 26 sheet
    PDF file (8.3MB)
A Block: XTZ850R - Rider
  • Parts data

    A Block: XTZ850R - Rider parts download A4 6 sheet
    PDF file (2.2MB)
  • Assembly Instructions

    A Block: XTZ850R - Rider assembly Instructions download A4 9 sheet
    PDF file (2.6MB)
B Block: YZ450F - Machine
  • Parts data

    B Block: YZ450F - Machine parts download A4 36 sheet
    PDF file (13.3MB)
  • Assembly Instructions

    B Block: YZ450F - Machine assembly Instructions download A4 28 sheet
    PDF file (8.1MB)
B Block: YZ450F - Rider
  • Parts data

    B Block: YZ450F- Rider parts download A4 7 sheet
    PDF file (2.8MB)
  • Assembly Instructions

    B Block: YZ450F - Rider assembly Instructions download A4 9 sheet
    PDF file (2.7MB)
C Block: Background
  • Parts data
    Dunes: Left

    C Block: Background  Dunes(Left) parts download A4 88 sheet
    PDF file (28.4MB)
  • Parts data
    Wilderness: Right

    C Block: Background Wilderness(Right) parts download A4 67 sheet
    PDF file (57.5MB)
  • Assembly Instructions

    C Block: Background assembly Instructions download A4 22 sheet
    PDF file (5.6MB)

PDF data first published in December 2014, January 2015

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