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The world of racing is recreated in papercraft!

The underlying ideal for Yamaha Motor's motorcycle development is achieving rider-machine unity in which the machine responds just the way the rider expects it to. Is it possible to recreate in papercraft the world of racing in its entirety instead of just a machine, where the ultimate unity between the rider and the machine is achieved? We offer you a model kit that embodies the idea of Mr. Mukouyama, a papercraft designer who has been in charge of producing papercraft models offered at the Yamaha Motor website.

The general world of racing is created in papercraft on an unprecedented scale as our own "Motorsports World," with the YZR-M1 (2013 model) at the center, representing the powerful excitement of racing and the ambience of a racing circuit as its stage.

The motif used is a top MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi's legendary run at Laguna Seca in 2008. We chose the scene as an homage to Rossi, who represents the appeal of racing at its height.

So how about recreating the world of racing yourself?
We present you with a large-scale challenge.

Laguna Seca and MotoGP

Laguna Seca is a racing circuit situated in California, US.
It is famous for its section called the "Corkscrew", a sharp turn with a 15 meter height difference from entry to exit.
Laguna Seca has been a MotoGP (the pinnacle road racing class) venue since 2005.

Valentino Rossi meets Paper Craft

Detail - Complete model images


Width:1200mm Depth:495mm Height:447mm

Photos (Click the image for an enlarged complete view.)

Download - Parts data & Instructions

[UPDATE] Concerning errors in the download data (March 18, 2015)

Parts numbers 23 and 30 on “Steering/ Brake Caliper,” page 5 of the Parts Sheet A Block YZR-M1, were lacking necessary glue tabs. We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.
The PDF data for the Parts Sheet have been updated accordingly. Click here for more details on the updates.

Parts data

You can download the parts data of the papercraft model in 4 blocks as A4-size PDF files.

A block: YZR-M1

The parts data of the YZR-M1(2013 model)

A block: YZR-M1 parts download

34 A4 sheet PDF file (16.2MB)

B block: Rider

The parts data of the rider mounting the machine

B block: Rider parts download

5 A4 sheet PDF file (4.6MB)

C block: Background

The parts data of the scene including the pits
and the race course

C block: Background parts download

62 A4 sheet PDF file (36.0MB)

D block: Foundation

The parts data of the foundation of the course
that provides its ups and downs

D block: Foundation parts download

222 A4 sheet PDF file (4.2MB)


Assembly instructions for parts data are provided. There are seperate instructions for A, B, and C blocks.

for A block

A block assembly Instructions download

21 A4 sheet PDF file (7.3MB)

for B block

B block assembly Instructions download

10 A4 sheet PDF file (3.2MB)

for C+D block

C+D block assembly Instructions download

17 A4 sheet PDF file (4.7MB)

Assembly Instructions A Block YZR-M1 : updated in May 2014
PDF data first published in December 2013

Supplementary instructions for assembly

We have provided supplementary instructions below for parts of the assembly manual that may be unclear using photographed images of the parts in their completed form. We hope the supplementary instructions help you with the assembly process.

How to download PDF files

Please install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Plug-in in your browser in order to view these contents.
Here is the information you need to download a PDF file.

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