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Yamaha Motor Paper Crafts Gallery

Introducing Yamaha Motor's user generated official gallery, full of completed paper-craft images.

Paper crats

Top page to Paper Crafts

Post images of your completed paper-craft projects! Everyone's official paper-craft gallery.

※From here onwards, you'll be shifting to an external website.

Posts to the Paper Crafts Gallery

Hiya, my name's Mr. CraftFan, and I'm the guy that manages the paper-craft section of the entertainment content on the Yamaha Motor Website.
Looking forward to seeing the gallery full of images posted by all you paper-craft fans!
Take a minute to read through the posting guidelines, and go straight for it ;)


Guidelines on Posting Images

  • The images you have provided will be checked by Mr. CraftFan before being uploaded onto the website. ( I may have at time for around three business days.) Please be aware that not all images will be on display on our website.
  • Only paper craft works based on the paper craft series provided by the Yamaha Motor website will be chosen for display.
  • The paper craft must have been completed by the poster of the images.
  • The maximum image size for the submitted items must be up to 1280x1920 pixels.
  • You can post as many images as you like. But, you’ll have to post them one at a time from the post corner.
  • Images that include company logos other than that of Yamaha Motor may not be posted.
  • When posting, you must agree to the posting terms of the Tumblr service by clicking on the checkbox in the upload page. Posted works must comply with the Tumblr community guidelines.
  • Images you posted may be used/introduced within the Yamaha Motor website.
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