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We have gathered together frequently asked questions in regards to paper craft.

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How can I print out?
Please download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC from the website of Adobe Systems Inc.

Download : Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Please open the downloaded PDF data with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, specify the output printer via File – Print, and print out.


What kind of paper is the best to print out the data on?
Heavy, A4-sized paper (21X 29cm) is recommended. 110 to 135kg Kent paper stock (0.16 to 0.18mm thick) are used for the models on this website. As for the paper type used for each model, refer to the Assembly Instructions (PDF) of the model.


How much does it cost to download the paper craft data?
Nothing. It is free.


The paper craft data cannot be displayed.
There are three possible reasons:
  1. The Adobe Acrobat Reader DC plugin provided for free by Adobe Systems Inc. has not been installed.
  2. File downloads take a long time.
    Paper craft file downloads may take time until completion depending on the internet connection. Please wait for the download to complete.
  3. The download does not complete fully.
    When a paper craft file is downloaded and saved to your computer, the paper craft drawing cannot be correctly displayed if the download did not complete fully. In this case, please try downloading the file again.


How do I store PDF files?
To download PDF files displayed in the browser, please click the appropriate browser download icon.
Browser download icon


I don't have a printer. Will you send me the printout of the data?
We are sorry that we do not distribute the printouts.


Is it OK to put paper craft on a CD or DVD for distribution as a magazine attachment?
We ask not to distribute the data in such ways.


Is it OK to use the paper craft for non-profit events, such as exhibitions and PC instructions?
We ask our users not to use the paper craft except for classes in school.


Is it possible to use the paper craft for sales promotional purposes for printers, paper, etc.?
We ask not to use the paper craft for sales promotional purposes since it may cause copyright violations.


Can I introduce the paper craft in mass media, like magazines and TV?
Please contact us at >Inquiries concerning our website for details.
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