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About the Artist

Profile and message of Nobutaka Mukouyama, a paper craft designer.

Paper crats

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Paper Craft Designer Nobutaka Mukouyama

Artist's Website : Mukouyama Space

Born in Tokyo on July 30, 1975
Graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Hachioji Kogakuin College in 1997. Worked for a design company, and became independent as a paper craft designer in 2001. He has been providing his works to magazines, companies as their novelty goods and to events until present.
In 1997, he was engaged in his first precise paper craft project –VMAX– for Tokyo Motor Show Special Site, and since then, he has been engaged in producing all of the paper crafts and their planning publicized in Yamaha Motors’ website.

Message from the artist

Paper Craft is made with ‘paper’

“Paper is material that has a lot of flexibility for good or bad.
It is familiar to us, and easy to work with, but at the same time, not only it easily gets dirty, it also is vulnerable against moisture, water, ultra-violet. If you make errors in controlling your strength, you can bend it too much, or cut it too much.

The secret to enhance the degree of perfection of paper craft is to never haste in front of ‘paper’ that has full of freedom.
You may want to put your hands on immediately, but do not be so hasty, and calm yourself and concentrate.

The finished paper craft reflects 100% of the techniques and skills of who makes it. Your skills and experiences in handling paper, and ability to understand the characteristics of the material straightly become your work. Sharpen your senses, and refine your touches.”

Every hand cultivates your creativity

“The depth of paper craft truly deepens after you have mastered techniques of ‘cutting’, ‘folding’ and ‘affixing’ paper. Keep thinking of the next process as you move your hands.

There are countless ways to the completion.
While there are 1-10 processes in the instruction, there may be 11th process of your own. Or, it may be easier to omit some processes or to change the order of the processes.
Find your own ‘techniques’ in use of the hands, tweezers and glue.
These originality and ingenuity are the fun part of paper craft.
Concentrate your senses to your fingertips, and build your experiences without fearing failures. Your ingenuity and concentration make difference in the degree of perfection.

Successful experiences of completing will turn into your confidence

“Paper craft requires considerable amount of time to complete it. Enjoy the process, and ‘discover’ many things.
The amount of time and the accumulation of your originality and ingenuity lead to the overwhelming feel of accomplishment. Paper craft contains that joy and fun.

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