Reference Vehicle
(Experimental Vehicle)
World Premiere

Prepare to be moved by a whole new multi-wheel experience. The MOTIV brings to you a novel concept in automobiles through a pursuit of driving pleasure derived from an organic integration of driver and machine. Its skeleton frame achieves lightness, rigidity, and strength through the iStream* concept that ref lects F1 ideas. MOTIV also offers flexibility in its power unit, equally accommodating gasoline engines, EV systems, hybrid conf igurations, and range extenders. This vehicle pursues not only the joy of driving but also high-level safety and a minimal environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.
* iStream®: A manufacturing and design process to produce lightweight, high-rigidity vehicle structures (chassis/frames). It is developed by Gordon Murray Design Limited and has its origins in Formula One technology. The concept is to create a basic structure by bonding composite panels to a tubular frame. It is a process for developing personal vehicles that boast both high performance and eco-friendliness.

Wet Weight : NA

MOTIV / The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show YAMAHA 2013