A Life with Yamaha

To Meet Expectations, “That’s Yamaha!”

Katsuragi Golf Club (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Receiving compliments from many customers for a long time since its establishment in 1976, Katsuragi Golf Club, also known as the location of many exciting games of the LPGA Tour “Yamaha Ladies Open Katsuragi,” has been using our Golf Cars for many years. We had an interview with Managing Director Manabu Migishima.

Bringing Satisfaction to Customers

Our club hosts about 61,000 customers a year. Despite the severely undulating golf course, about 100 units of our battery-powered golf cars are demonstrating superior power and excellent battery durability, gaining a good reputation from our caddies. Golf is a sport enjoyed in nature. We are confident that, in terms of quietness and eco-friendliness, we are living up to our customers’ expectations.

It is our duty to create such a favorable environment that customers can become engaged fully in their play. Yamaha Golf Car is perfectly suitable for our club because it’s trouble-free and high-quality service is also offered.

Tradition Plus Innovation

As you may know, golf is becoming more popular with women and young people. To respond to diversifying customer's expectations, we have started new efforts while maintaining the good aspects of our traditional and prestigious golf course.

One of the efforts; we introduced a navigation system to our golf cars. In cooperation with Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd. [YMPC], we started the service in July 2017. With this GPS-equipped system, caddies can identify the location of golf cars and move them with a remote controller. Furthermore, due to the display equipped with the golf cars, various applications can be installed in the system. For example, players can check the course layout and distance to the pin. We think that adding IT-driven assistance to caddies’ face-to-face support would be a very effective service and have great potential. We also believe that the golf cars would take a more important role in providing basic support to players.

“Is this Really that Katsuragi Golf Club?”

Under the common keyword “golf,” both Yamaha Corporation -developing golf clubs- and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., -manufacturing golf cars- are offering invaluable experiences to their customers. As a member of the Yamaha Group, our golf club, which is run by Yamaha Resort Corporation, also wishes to play a part in developing new golf products and software by providing our golf course as a testing ground for their prototypes.

While keeping tradition, we would be very happy if, with help from Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., we could contribute to the entire Yamaha Group by providing and proposing such a completely new way of enjoying golf that it brings a big surprise to the industry and attracts many visitors who may say, “Is this really that Katsuragi Golf Club?”


Yamaha Golf Car
Based on the Land Car released for short-distance travel in leisure facilities, Yamaha launched its first golf car in 1975. Since then, Yamaha Golf Car has kept evolving and is now being widely used in various fields such as golf courses and resort facilities not just in Japan, but also overseas.

A message from a Yamaha Staff Member
Expand the Product Line and Respond to New Customer Needs

Mr. Kazuhiro Suzuki
Domestic Sales Department
GC Business Promotion Division
Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd. [YMPC]

Since the redesign in 2015, we have been expanding the product line of the Yamaha Golf Car, including the installation of lithium-ion batteries in the battery-powered model in 2016 and in 2017, for the first time in the market, the adoption of EFI for the gasoline-powered model. In response to growing demands in the market other than golf courses, we are also expanding the range of our activities, such as developing seven-seat models for resort facilities and models for factories and stadiums, and participating in automated driving demonstration experiments using electromagnetic induction public road models. Focusing our business on the Golf Car, we would like to grow our company to become a comprehensive manufacturer of small mobility.