A Life with Yamaha

Comfortable, Gorgeous, and
the Center of Attention

Ms. Srinidhi Shetty(India)

With a career as a software engineer in India, Ms. Srinidhi Shetty is now also actively working as a fashion model. She says Fascino’s design and Yamaha’s technologies have stimulated her fashion sensitivity.

Proof of Fashion-Consciousness

I fell in love with Fascino at first sight. With a combination of its attractive design and Yamaha’s advanced technologies, Fascino is the most impressive scooter I have ever seen.

Everyone around me, including my family and friends who know Fascino, highly praises its stylish design and comfortable ride. Riding Fascino proves that the rider is particularly sensitive to fashion. As you can ride Fascino in a cool way, this scooter is extremely attractive to highly fashion-minded people.

Draw Everyone’s Attention

It’s so enjoyable to ride Fascino that I use this scooter not just for my daily commute, but also for my outings and shopping with friends. I love going to a shopping mall in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay, a major hub of industry and culture located on the west coast of India), where many world-renowned fashion brands open their branches.

What’s good about Fascino is that the handlebar grips are very easy to grasp. It’s also nice to be able to ride in a comfortable position, while this scooter has strong acceleration. So, it’s very easy to handle Fascino, but you can also feel great excitement from this scooter. Furthermore, Fascino’s trendy stylish design catches my friends’ attention.

Fascino’s sassy body and shiny color stand out wherever it goes. Other ordinary scooters are no match for Fascino, which has a perfect combination of advanced technologies and stylish appearance. Brightening the atmosphere, Fascino runs so briskly that anyone can’t help paying attention to this scooter.

Keep Revving

I’m always feeling the cutting-edge technologies and dashing urbanity from Yamaha products. I think Yamaha’s brand image – stylish, sporty, and state of the art – is the attractiveness that all Yamaha products have in common.

I am looking forward to Yamaha releasing a lot of innovative products that will rev us with excitement.


As a fashion scooter under the concept of “rich and classy modern retro,” Fascino was manufactured by IYM* and brought to the Indian market in May 2015. Thanks to its many features, such as excellent comfort, large storage capacity, styling that harmonizes beautiful curves and luxuriousness, top-class fuel economy for the Indian market, and a lightweight body of just 103 kg, Fascino is garnering support from young people who are highly fashion conscious.

A Message from a Yamaha Staff Member
Appeal to Young People Who are Highly Fashion Conscious

Mr. Vijay Kaul

In the Indian market, Yamaha’s motorcycles are accepted as sporty, stylish and innovative. Descended from this brand image and recognized for its unique styling since its introduction in 2015, Fascino has been gaining support from young people with a sense of high fashion. We have conducted various activities including a beauty contest, YAMAHA FASCINO MISS DIVA, to further promote Fascino’s fashionability. We will make additional efforts to expand our sales by utilizing social networks, etc.