A Life with Yamaha

The Fashionable Eco-Friendly PAS Makes Our Conversation Livelier

Mr. Keita Sueyoshi and his son Takumu (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Mr. Keita Sueyoshi, who has been enjoying riding on-road motorcycles, is a long-time bicycles and motorcycles lover. When his son started to go to nursery school, he bought an electric bicycle, PAS Babby un. It is a 2017 model-year two-tone family model of PAS, the color of which he thought was suitable for both men and women. He is now using his PAS every day not just for taking his son to and from the nursery school, but also for his own commuting.

My Son’s Favorite

Children generally begin developing their own sense of self at around age one. In my son’s case, Takumu became reluctant to fasten the safety belt of the child safety seat at around one. I had a lot of trouble sitting him in the safety seat and taking him to and from the nursery school. That was why I started to consider buying PAS. To be honest, I was worried that he might refuse to ride on the back of PAS. When I test-rode PAS and sat him on the back seat, however, he looked very happy. Now he likes PAS so much that he even asks me, “Why not go to school by bicycle today?”

My Health Condition also Improves

Initially, I was planning to buy the 2016 PAS Babby, but it was so popular that it sold out quickly. Instead of putting my name on the waiting list for the 2016 model, I decided to wait for the release of the 2017 PAS. I made an advance order in January and at last obtained PAS in February. Since then, I use PAS to take Takumu to the nursery school on my way to work and pick him up on my way back home. It is now my routine to bike 4 km each way. In February, the same month I bought PAS, I took a complete medical check-up and needed a reexamination for some test items. But when I took a reexamination in May, it turned out that I was completely healthy. Riding a power-assisted bicycle looks easy to me, so I’m extremely happy to be healthy without doing any hard exercise. I really appreciate the benefit of the power assistance of PAS, because strong winds blow frequently in Fukuroi City, although most roads are relatively flat. I once test-rode another manufacturers’ power-assisted bicycles, but I think PAS will provide the strongest power assistance and a stable ride even when my son gains weight as he grows up. Since we started to go to nursery school on PAS, our conversation has spontaneously become livelier than before, partly because my son and I sit closer to each other on the bicycle than in a car. During our trip, I tell my son, “Here comes a step” or ask him “What did you do today at school, Takumu?”

I Wish More Accessories were Available

If you are driving a car, you need to find an empty parking space at a nursery school or a supermarket. With PAS, however, you can free yourself from such a hassle. Despite being a family model, my PAS’s body color is so fashionable that my wife is also happy with its expensive-looking design. Parents of the school kids also praise the color of my PAS. Unfortunately, there are few shops that will let you test-ride the family model of PAS and see its actual color. So, I wish we had more opportunity to see and try the real PAS. Also, there are fewer choices of optional accessories for the family model than for the normal model. It would be great if more genuine, safe accessories are available so as to customize your own PAS and distinguish it from others. For example, it would be nice if we could choose the color and pattern of the child safety seat cushion among several options.


PAS Babby un
By installing the front child safety seat as well as the rear one, which is standard equipment, this bicycle complies with the requirements for carrying two infants. Depending on your family composition, you can customize your PAS by removing these safety seats to convert it into a normal type. This bicycle is also equipped with a variety of features that make your outing more comfortable, such as the lightweight body, easy handling, large polycarbonate basket, and battery-powered LED lamp.

A Message from a Yamaha Staff Member
To Provide a Product that Supports Our Customers’ Daily Lives

Ms. Mari Suzuki
Smart Power Vehicle Business Unit

For the complete redesigning of the family model of PAS in 2017, we made significant revisions to its style and features: the low center of gravity (20-inch model) that makes it easy to put your feet down on the ground and get your child on and off the bicycle; powerful electric assistance that facilitates a natural start even when carrying two children; lightweight and compact design for easy handling; and various choices of the body color. To let PAS, which commemorates the 25th anniversary this year, provide continued support to our customers’ lives, we hope to keep improving PAS by listening to the voice of our customers.