A Life with Yamaha

Cross-community Preparation for Disasters

Residents of Yatsushiro City (Kumamoto Prefecture)

Residents of the towns and school districts of Yatsushiro City in Kumamoto Prefecture who bought Yamaha power generators, pose for a photo in front of the Hachinojisekicho community hall.
(Counterclockwise from the right in the front row) Mr. Yukinori Ogata, chairman of Hachinojisekicho neighborhood association; Mr. Yoshiteru Masuda, chairman of Nakakitamachi neighborhood association; Mr. Takayuki Akaho, chairman of Mugishima School District Resident Association; Mr. Motoo Iyama, chairman of Uyanagi School District Resident Council

Electricity and Water are More Important than Anything Else

Among all the Yatsushiro municipal areas sprawling in the southern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, we are living in a residential area where the Kuma River runs through and whose western part faces the Yatsushiro Sea. When a series of earthquakes struck Kumamoto in April 2016, our residential area -1 hour drive south of Kumamoto City- survived the disaster without any major damage although some strong jolts were felt. As we saw and heard about the massive damage by the earthquakes, we came to feel such disasters very close to us and these earthquakes did raise the local people’s awareness of disaster prevention. We have learned, by victims, that the water failure and power outages are critical. For example, they were at a loss: not being able to flush toilets.

Using Rich Water Resources

Fortunately, Yatsushiro is rich in groundwater. Every household in our area is pumping domestic water from wells. We also use bottled propane gas, which means we can secure a lifeline by operating the pumps and drawing water from wells even when only electricity is available. We considered buying power generators and installing them in community halls, etc. in our towns and school districts. All the residents can use water even when power is cut without waiting in line for a water truck by operating the pumps at the community halls with the power generators.

Generators are Also Useful in Festivals

Since we became acquainted with a staff member of Yamaha Kumamoto Products [YKP] on May Day immediately after the earthquakes, Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd. [YMPC] held an explanatory meeting for us, and we decided to buy its power generators, including the EF1600iS, EF2000iS, and EF2800iSE, for each region and school district. After buying these generators, we not only installed them in our community halls for emergencies, but also used them in local barbecue events and community hall festivals so that anyone in the region can use these power generators, when necessary. If given the chance, we would like all the residents to somehow experience and become familiar with the power of these generators on various occasions. A business operator who is providing nursing care services in our region has also decided to install a power generator. Before buying the generator, he had been worried about possible earthquakes and typhoons, but he is now less anxious. This is true for us, too. Yamaha’s power generators have a proven track record and several choices of power range, but we wish the EF1600iS had wheels for easy portability, if it’s possible. Since this model weighs 20 kg, it would be great if such optional parts were available so that even elderly people could easily carry the generator around in the event of a disaster.


Inverter Generator
Our generators have gained customers’ trust through many years of industrial applications such as construction site use. Equipped with an inverter technology to provide high reliability and high-quality electricity, our Inverter Generators currently offer eight models from the EF900iS to the EF5500iSDE depending on the desired performance and power. These power generators are being widely used for various purposes such as recreational, DIY, outdoor work, and emergency uses at homes and offices.
* The EF1600iS with a camouflage pattern has been discontinued.

A Message from a Yamaha Staff Member
I Would Like to Support Local Regions’ Safety

Mr. Hiroyuki Harada
Domestic Sales Div.
Sales Dept. 2, Powered Products Business Promotion Dept.
Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd. [YMPC]

During the explanatory meeting held through the introduction of YKP’s labor union after the Kumamoto earthquake, we received so many questions from the residents that we learned they had a high level of awareness about disaster prevention. Power generators are helpful not only for recreational and business purposes such as construction site use, but also in the event of disasters. By commercializing the disaster-relief concept model* such as a power generator combined with additional features, I would like to make practical proposals to alleviate the local residents’ anxieties about disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons.