A Life with Yamaha

My Promise, To Love WR250X For Our Lives


Scouted as an amateur model of a women’s fashion magazine in his high school days, Mr. REI started his career as a fashion model for a motorcycle magazine. Then, he expanded his career to being a motorcycle journalist. He is now working energetically not only as a model, but also as a motorcycle journalist in magazines and video sites.

Sensational First Love in My High School Days

When I was little, I had no interest in cars and motorcycles. In my high school days, however, I fell in love with VMAX the moment I saw a picture of a famous stylist riding VMAX in the men’s fashion magazine MEN’S NON-NO. As soon as I graduated from high school, I got a large-size motorcycle license and bought my first motorcycle, VMAX. Actually, I was so impatient that I bought a secondhand VMAX before I got a license, although I was not allowed to ride a motorcycle yet. I was irresistibly attracted to the massive VMAX and the styling design of its engine. This may be because I majored in architecture at the university and liked straight line, man-made designs. As I just liked the design of VMAX at first, I didn’t even know that VMAX was so fast and had such a large engine until I started riding it.

My First Setback!?

At around the age of 29, I was given a job of writing articles on my impressions about motorcycles for a motorcycle magazine. Advised to learn about racing and circuits to become a motorcycle journalist, I reluctantly went to a circuit course, but instantly got engrossed in racing and circuits. Because, though I say it myself, I was a quick learner at school and in sports since I was a child and had no difficulty in riding VMAX from the beginning, and I thought it would be pretty easy for me to perform knee-dragging on a circuit course. But, actually I couldn’t do anything on the circuit course. I never encountered such a difficulty in my life even though I was completely fascinated by motorcycles.

A Special Motorcycle that Appears Once in Decades

A special motorcycle for me is the WR250X. People may think that supermotards are fashionable motorcycles for riders wearing jeans and T-shirts. Among many supermotards, the WR250X in particular gives the impression that Yamaha engineers designed this motorcycle with passion without considering profitability. I think this is absolutely the best supermotard, and it gives out a rare sense of intensity. As I had wanted the WR250X so desperately, I fulfilled my wish by buying it for my wife as a substitute for a wedding ring. Although she is also a motorcycle journalist and has many opportunities to ride a variety of motorcycles, she loves the WR250X so much that every time she rides it, she praises it very highly. So, we will take good care of our WR250X for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, the WR250X was discontinued. I miss this motorcycle and feel sad when I think such a good motorcycle that has everything in the small engine never will be produced again. But I’m looking forward to Yamaha someday releasing such a special motorcycle once every several years or decades. I also have a YZF-R1M and want Yamaha to keep producing it as a flagship model at its current standing position. Furthermore, to provide excitement for all riders, I want Yamaha to feed back YZF-R1M’s advanced technologies to new mass-production models.


The WR250X was released in 2007 to provide riders with not just frisky riding in urban areas, but also high performance for Supermotard, which is a motorcycle race on a mixed course of paved and off-road. Under the concept of “off-road version of the YZF-R1,” a sharp style, high-performance engine, and smooth steering were integrated into the WR250X, which enjoyed great popularity.
* Mr. REI’s WR250X is equipped with WR250R’s exterior parts and a regulation-conforming aftermarket muffler.

A Message from a Yamaha Staff Member
I want WR250X Owners to Keep Riding it As Long As Possible

Mr. Tetsuya Araki Marketing Department, MC Sales Division, Marketing Section Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co., Ltd. (YMSJ)

The lightweight, well-designed WR250X has such high performance that you can take it supermotard racing without any modification. This motorcycle’s genuine performance and features, including the aluminum frame and titanium engine valves, would satisfy the needs of experienced riders who have ridden various motorcycles. Even after the end of production was announced, we received numerous requests for continued production of the WR250X. Unfortunately, the WR250X was discontinued, but I would like WR250X owners to keep riding it as long as possible because this motorcycle has universal design, excellent performance, and tough characteristics.