A Life with Yamaha

How cool! My favorite model

Ms. Nguyễn Ngọc Vân Quỳnh (Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam)

Ms. Nguyễn Ngọc Vân Quỳnh is working as a fashion model while being a university student Ho Chi Minh, a city in the southern part of Vietnam. She struck a nice pose for photos against the backdrop of the stylish and vibrant cityscape where old buildings under the French rule still remain.

“Good Looks” and “Budget Friendly”

I have known Janus by advertisements, but I actually saw this Yamaha motorcycle when I went to a new product release event. What fascinated me most was Janus’ looks. The motorcycle I own must be cool. Although the style of my motorcycle takes priority over all, affordability is also an important factor. I did thorough research on Janus by myself and found that the price was relatively reasonable to my budget and its fuel economy also seemed good enough to ride it without worrying about fuel costs. So, I liked Janus more and more. Because I’m a lively girl and have a vibrant personality, I often ride my motorcycle to various places, such as going to work and university, and going out for fun. I ride my motorcycle so frequently that I hardly use any other type of transportation. That is why I chose the color black so that dirt will not stand out. Besides, I think the luster of this black color fits my personality.

Precious and Loving Partner

It's been almost a year since I started riding Janus. Among other things, the best feature of Janus is its lightness. When I got on another motorcycle, the steering was so heavy that I hurt my wrist. Janus, however, is really light, compact, and easy to handle, yet its storage compartment is large enough to put many belongings in, such as bags and sunscreen. You don’t need to worry about theft, either, with the lockable storage compartment. Janus is fairly quiet while running. Some models of Janus are equipped with a smart key, which enables you to run the motorcycle immediately after starting the engine. I’m not sure it’s because I love this motorcycle so much and ride it carefully, but my Janus has never broken down. I don’t know about mechanical things about motorcycles, but my father usually brings my Janus to a dealer for an oil change and maintenance and helps me care for and wash the motorcycle.

Increasing Number of Young Fans

There are many Yamaha motorcycles for young people and many people around me are also choosing Yamaha. Among Yamaha motorcycles, my favorite ones are Janus and Nozza Grande. I think their seats are suitable for women because the rider can sit in a beautiful posture. Nozza Grande looks mature and elegant, whereas Janus, which I like more than Nozza Grande, gives a younger and more active impression. It feels like Janus is constantly vitalizing me. Nouvo, on the other hand, may be suitable for men. Due to its highly stylish and cool design, it looks like a Transformer. I like everything about Janus, but if I may say so, I would prefer a wider floor area on which I put my feet.


Equipped with a light body that gives an impression of ceramic luster and the BLUE CORE engine that provides not just comfortable riding, but also good fuel economy and environmental performance, Janus is a 125-cc motorcycle for women in their 20s. This motorcycle was released in Vietnam in August 2016 as a popularly priced model with special features such as a full-scale scooter style in the image of high-wheel models, which are popular in Europe, and the light vehicle weight of just 97 kg (standard model) for easy handling.

A Message from a Yamaha Staff Member
Turn the Increasing Demands for Motorcycles into Opportunity

Mr. Pham Thanh Trung Yamaha Motor Vietnam South branch Sales division

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam's biggest economic city, is a leading market for motorcycles. Amid growing demands for motorcycles in urban areas, we are taking positive actions to introduce a new product line of motorcycles to increase the scooter share little by little. Due to its reasonable price and beautiful design, Janus is very popular among young women. With our team working together, we are aiming to expand our sales so that we can supply as many fancy Yamaha scooters as possible to the roads in Ho Chi Minh.